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    Forum Posters required - buy and sell links forums

    We are looking for forum posters to help us kick start our brand new link forums. The forum is based on buying and selling links with a small number of additional topics related to link building and development. We are prepared to pay 20 cents per post with every 5th one being a new topic...
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    Grande Clean" phpLD 3.4 Quality Upgraded Template

    Check out the upgraded Grande Clean template to phpLD 3.4 with all the latest features. Template includes: - 4 advertising areas - 2 sidebars - left and right - Latest featured links thoughout the directory in right column with or without thumbshots. - Free download, however credit...
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    phpLD 3.4 Template - Oragreen - Download Now

    Cheers buddy. Glad you like it. More will be on the way with templates being upgraded to version 3.4 when we have the time.
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    phpLD 3.4 Template - Oragreen - Download Now

    Oragreen - (MTD) phpLD 3.4 Quality Upgraded Template Check out the upgraded Oragreen template to phpLD 3.4 with all the latest features. Features include: 4 advertising areas 2 sidebars - left and right Latest featrued links thoughout the directory in right column Free to use, however...
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    needs registry error cleaning software?

    I totally sympathise with you. They get us everytime. Would you say that is a good web selling technique that works? Also, did you finally make the purchase and if yes, would you recommend?
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    Which is important?

    Family first, money second. After that they both help in different ways to make you smile and live happy.
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    Web Hosting Company - List your top 5

    I currently have hosting with eukhost, godaddy and 1and1 and have also used other services. eukhost, whilst come across basic are extremely cheap and offer a good response service hosting some directories. godaddy - also appear cheap but there are lots you need to pay for as addons. 1and1 -...
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    How many domain name extension in your portflio?

    .mobi domains - just cannot see it being successful any time in the near future. We had 150 domains which we said to hell with and ended up getting rid 125 of them. More hassle and costs not required!
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    New blog Directory.....

    Nice directory and very easy to submit to.
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    Help Me/Question Domain parking income

    I personally think that unless you have a premium domain then you will not really earn too much money from domain parking. More hassle than it's worth.
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    three way links exchanges

    I am looking for 3 way link exchanges. If anyone us interested please send me a PM. We'll link to one of your sites from a general directory with over 6500 listings with almost 3000 pages indexed and increasing all the time. The directory is well edited and does not contain any naughty...
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    Blue Life - Free phpLD 3.3 template download

    Awesome Template for phpld version 3.3 Template Demo Template Download Link to "One Way Links UK" in footer must remain intact. Screenshot: Enjoy this wonderful clean and outrageously free template made especially for PHP Link Directory version 3.3. .
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    Domains making money

    How many domains do you exactly own? We have over 150 of the blasted things and eventually pulled the plug on them - didn't care to sell them but give them up. Why? We realised that concentrating on a few sites would be more profitable then trying to run the whole damn web.
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    Neutral Review My Site

    The last site I found to be very slow loading. The nabgiation on the left needs to have some padding to move away from the table itself. The second site is quite nice although the 3 animated pictures are annoying - be great if they were static or done in a different way. The first I like. If...
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    A too long domain name?

    A big problem with long domains is that people often mistype the url and cannot be bothered sometimes - unless of course it is of massive interest with good resources.
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    UK Search Engines or major traffic sources

    I can't say that I really know of any that are search engines. Guess it would really depend on what you are trying to sell or market. If it is a particular product then listing it on shopping comparison sites that drive traffic to your site for a fee can work well.
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    All Ya Want web catalogue

    Marvellous and thanks. Just submitted one of our sites.
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    Liverpool V Chelsea

    Man, not realy been following footy too much recently but because Arsenal are doing badly at the mo I would like to see a draw. On a tip - I reckon it would go to a Liverpool 1-0 win today.
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    Hello all

    Thanks mate. I hope to be frequenting forums a little more often.
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    "This site may harm your computer" Google Bug

    I am not having any problems at all here. Hope Google get this sorted for their sake as quickly as possible. You know what people are like with their PCs and is it easy to walk away to another search engine such as Yahoo for searches. Long term problem = big money loss for the big G.