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    My 2 Cents 70% of mobile searchers call a bisiness directly from search results

    Numbers are really encouraging ...question is does it sustain for long time....
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    Potential Microsoft CEO Stephen Elop wants to sell Bing and Xbox

    I recently read that Bing and Yahoo agreed to share the search results .. it may be a good option to set a good competition for Google...
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    Adwords quality score has been changed

    So if their is no change in calculating method how does it impact the quality score.....
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    My Suggestion Doing article submission? read before you do

    Every link building activities has got its on advantage...whether it is article submission ....but as Alamin rightly pointed out same content again and again will work negatively....
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    My Experience Paid search vs organic search: which one is better for your business?

    Start with SEM understand which keywords are driving traffic , then make necessary changes to your webpages SEO ...get top ranking....
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    Help Me/Question What is keyword analysis?

    What is the difference between keywords for SEO and PPC....please educate....
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    What are rich snippets?

    Part of your meta tag description is coming as snippet ..try to include your keywords as close to the beginning as possible....
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    Help Me/Question Mba departments for digital marketing?

    You mean specialization...right...You dont find much MBA institution providing specialization in digital marketing...but their are so many institutions that provide certification courses....still most of premier institutions included digital marketing into their course content....
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    Help Me/Question Precisely what is a website landing page?

    When a visitor clicks on a PPC advertisement she will be taken to the advertisers website, and page on which he or she lands is called Landing is not necessary to be a home practice is to create a page exclusively with your most wanted response....
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    Social bookmarking for seo

    Social bookmarking is one of the suggested ways for effective SEO, and again it should be done with High PR sites....
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    The way to get google page rank ?

    All practices followed for back linking is suggested...PR is completely depended on quality back links....
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    Do you think that landing page must be long?

    Very relevant question...does a long page reduces the requirement to optimize difference pages...single page optimization will make every sections of your site optimized...please suggest....
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    Google+ to become 2nd largest social network

    Google+ is severely under performing ...but Google is using its search muscle to promote its social networking site.....yes from search bot point of view every thing contributes ........
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    Google analytics

    They keep on every you may see a different layout after one week....
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    Back Link

    Google consider your bought links negatively...its better to have natural links with high PR sites