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    Help Me/Question What Exactly Saying Here?

    This shows that 490,000,000 pages are ranking for keyword Samsung Galaxy S and these results are fetched in 0.24 seconds by Google.
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    Help Me/Question What's The Difference Between Page Rank And Tool Bar Page Rank?

    There is no difference as such. PR is what Google is calculating at the backend in decimals and when the same PR is updated on the toolbar it becomes toolbar PageRank (TBPR).
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    Help Me/Question Traffic From Social Networks

    You have to proactively participate if you want to pull quality traffic - Create an interesting profile using your brand name or niche related username - Publish quality wall posts - Find your niche related groups and join them - Talk about your products and services on those groups - Check...
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    You may try reading this start up guide... Since, Adsense is little tricky, so I would advise you to consult an expert before actually jumping in.
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    Help Me/Question 404 Errors?

    The Error 404 "Page not found" is the error page displayed whenever someone asks for a page that's simply not available on your site. Excessive 404s indicate a badly run/ outdated site and crappy user experience. 301 redirects are very important to replace the 404's.
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    Help Me/Question Google Base

    Google base is designed to offer people the opportunity to host content, documents, videos and other multimedia files, without having to make a website or without having to spend money on domain names. Google introduced the Google Merchant Center to replace Google Base for submitting products...
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    Help Me/Question Seo: What Is Blog Posting?

    Blog posting is a method where bloggers write full-fledged blog posts to be published on their blog/ website or other bloggers' blogs (called guest posting). - Blogs let you talk about your products/ services and target winning keywords - Blogs allow you to leave behind a link to your site -...
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    what is on page optimization

    On-page optimisation (on-site SEO) is what can be done on the pages of a website to maximise its performance in the search engines. For eg - Write fresh, unique content - Include well-researched keywords in appropriate density - Optimize title by placing target keywords in the title - Include...
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    Why google does not index my all the pages?

    You sure can’t force your website in the index but you can try catalysing the process. Here’s how: - Use fetch as Google bot tool - Submit an XML sitemap to Google - Submit your website to social bookmarking websites - Acquire some relevant Inbound Links from authority sites that get crawled...
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    How to get traffic from Facebook?

    - Use existing applications or develop your own - Autograph on others' walls - Participate in interacting with your audience - Connect your twitter profile with your Facebook page - Organize online contests - Distribute coupons - Use 'send' button on your profile - Add Facebook widget on your...
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    What is classified submission ?

    Much like newspaper classifieds, its a form of advertising where small impressive ads placed on special classified – ad websites to grasp the attention of viewers. Posting the ads in the country specific classified sites would help us in driving targeted Geo-graphic traffic.
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    Help Me/Question What Is A Press Release And The Benefits Of Its Submission?

    Press release (distribution) is the process of spreading a newsworthy event via different media channels. It is a good technique to announce and push latest happenings but to look at it as a means to accumulate traffic or backlinks is futile!
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    Help Me/Question What Is Google Base?

    Google base is designed to offer people the opportunity to host content, documents, videos and other multimedia files, without having to make a website or without having to spend money on domain names.
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    Help Me/Question Geo Meta Tags?

    Sometimes it's because of your URL extension or where you get your hosting from...As confirmed by Google’s Matt Cutts, Geo Meta Tags are not very important with Google...But Google offers a section within Google Webmaster Tools where you can tell them what country your business resides in...
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    Help Me/Question Why Google Does Not Index My Page?

    Because Bing and Yahoo! are different companies to Google; they use different factors to ranks sites. Google is a giant, and a confounding one at that. It isn't easily pleased with junk links and spun content. I would encourage you to heed to the webmaster guidelines at Google...
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    How to do Keyword research?

    Look for keyword profitability, relevance and competition. Thorough keyword research is quite a time-consuming process...I use a tool called ‘Keyword Country’ to find geographically active keyword lists (including misspellings, LSI, synonyms etc) and spy on my competitors’ SEO and PPC strategy...
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    What is google sandbox?

    I have seen new sites getting crawled, indexed and ranked withing minutes. How you you explain that? None of the Google representatives ever confirmed sandbox’s existence. Now, what people assume to be the ‘Sandbox effect’ is usually a penalty slapped by Google for employing bad SEO...
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    Help Me/Question Social Media Marketing ?

    Social media marketing (SMM) refers to the process of exposing your website on social media channels (social networking websites, blogs, video distribution channels etc). It helps you in building good social media reputation which is considered by Google while ranking your website in search...
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    Which is important website traffic or Page rank

    Come on! That's a no-brainer! PR is too minor a factor to be something Vs traffic or SERP! After all, what's the fun of a PR10 if you are not showing up in search results, if you have very few visitors and even fewer conversions?
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    Decline in traffic to company websites blamed on Facebook

    I don't buy that. Adding a Facebook widget is a recommended SEO strategy and this cannot cause a dip in ranking, whatsoever! You need to figure out the exact reason behind such a drop.