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    new comer!!!

    Hello brian, Welcome to our community, its nice having you here :)
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    Hell and welcome to UK Webmaster Forum :)
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    Hello WMS members, I'm Mukesh

    Hello Mukesh, Warm welcome to you, have a great time here :)
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    Hello every one

    Hello Jackie, Welcome to webmaster serve, its nice having you here. You can share here what you need help with and hopefully you will get them solved. Have a nice time around :)
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    Hola I'm Bobby Didiana newbie here!!!!

    Hello Bobby, Welcome to our community, i hope you will enjoy being here :)
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    Neutral Do You Use Question And Answer Sites?

    I have always read that sites such as yahoo answers, AskWIki etc are good for driving traffic to ones sites. Participating usefully by asking and answering relevant questions and droping beneficial link at the end as a referral if necessary. If done properly without you spamming its another...
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    Hello David, Welcome on board, i hope you will enjoy your stay :)
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    Just Gossip How Many Blog Can One Person Maintain Comfortably?

    Yes a single person can not have sound knowledge in many themes, but a blog can be maintained by buying unique content or getting writers in different themes. All really depends on many factors especially time, if spend more time on them then i believe a person can maintain a significant number...
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    Help Me/Question Factors To Consider Before Exchanging Links

    What factor will you consider before you exchange link with a partner, is it how relevant the site is to yours or the higher PR site, alexa ranking of the site or the number of traffic to the site. Will you exchange link with a high PR site which is not related to your theme?
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    Hello James, Welcome to our community :)
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    Help Me/Question Google Slap

    Google Slap is a term that usually refers to adsense quality, a slap is a warning of sorts. To prevent the Google Slap, you should have the idea of how Google determines it's quality Score for your advert.
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    Help Me/Question What Are The Reason Why A Business Fails

    It's really not surprising that business owners rarely don't understand why their businesses fails, if they knew what was going wrong, they might be able to fix the problem. There are few numbers of factors why a business fails among which are lack of management skills, inadequate finance, poor...
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    Hello all!

    Hello James, welcome to UK Webmaster forum :)
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    My Suggestion Tips To Optimize Your Website For Mobile

    The growing popularity of smartphones has increase in mobile search traffic so creating a mobile website is essential. Few tips to optimize for mobile includes: * Use short keywords * Use mobile friendly content, avoid Flash or Java * Keep your design simple, keep navigation to a minimal *...
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    My Experience What Inspire You To Blog

    What inspire you to write? A times you just don't feel like writing. So what is it that inspires you to write? There is always a reason for deciding to write a blogpost on that particular day, but what is it that inspires you? For me i usually read other people's blogs, google images or news...
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    How many characters is recommended in the Meta description?

    Meta description tag is the text displayed under a page title in the SERPs, they are more about conversion rather than SEO, so make description more compelling. They should be brief and include your target phrases that will encourages searchers to click your listing in the search results...
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hello kaliya, Welcome to our community, its nice having you here :) Do have a nice time around
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    Which is your favourite brand of laptop?

    My favourite brand is Dell because of its support, though am presently using HP and its seems to be winning now... So which is favourite brand of laptop and why did you choose that?
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    Help Me/Question Best way to get link partners

    Can anyone send a way of getting quality related link partners, I am tired of sending e mails for link exchange to related websites. I just want to know what would be the best way to get quality link exchange leads. So guys do you exchange links? what are the best ways to get good related...
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    My Experience Seo friendly url for your facebook fan page

    To promote your facebook fan page you should get SEO friendly URL for your Facebook Fan Page, once you have 25 or more 'Likes against your Facebook page before Facebook will allow you to do this.. A vanity URL is the short Facebook URL that helps people easily access your Facebook page. The...