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    Do you actually want millions of sites linking to your site?

    If they're quality sites, why not? But if they're just spam sites, no thanks.
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    What makes a good website?

    Provide credible, original content in as many forms as possible Provide valuable, timely information to the user, not lots of data. Share everything you learn Custom-tailor the information to user preferences Hope this helps! :)
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    eBook on how to use Google+

    I don't think you will need an ebook to learn Google+. It's more on familiarization with the site, just like Facebook.
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    My Suggestion Webhosting For Ecommerce

    Would you guys recommend any Good Ecommerce hosting provider?
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    Useful Webmaster Tools

    Great resource for beginners! will bookmark it for future use.
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    How To Check If a Website Is Safe ?

    Well I use Check Site Safe before. Really a good site to check if you're safe or not. :P
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    What's the best content for my blog?

    Unique and interesting content of course. This will definitely make your readers go back and visit your site regularly :)
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    My 2 Cents List of dofollow wordpress plugins

    Still prefer the nofollow plugins to prevent spam on my comment box.
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    Help Me/Question Help me to find a plugin to speed up my blog

    Hmm I think just avoid placing too many apps/plugins that will make your site load a bit slower.
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    My 2 Cents How to hide blog post date

    Thought you were asking a question! Great info though! :) This will definitely help the users regarding this trick. Thanks for sharing!
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    Tutorial Tips & Tricks About Optimizing Your Blog's Loading Time

    Thank you so much for the info! Had a bad experience with my previous sites. Will apply some of the tips I've learned here!
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    Help Me/Question Seo hosting, is it actually required ?

    It helps in a way but I think it's not really required. Depends on what your site requires. Just my two cents.
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    Special Offer Free Vps And Dedicated Server For One Month

    Is it really free? Can you provide more info?
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    Free eCommerce Template

    Great! A colleague is looking for a free Ecommerce template! Will recommend this to him. Thanks!
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    My 2 Cents Choosing a php web host

    I'm thinking of getting a PHP web host soon. For now, I'm about to set up my new Wordpress site. :) Btw, great info!
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    Top 30 photo apps for iphone in UK

    What about TouchRetouch? Is it free?
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    What do you do first when you go online

    Same here. I usually check my emails to read impt messages.
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    Just Gossip Your camera !

    I currently use my Lumix LX5. So happy with the features!
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    Asking Advice Which Is The Best Memory Like Ddr1,ddr2,ddr3?

    Have tried DDR3 and it's the best one for me so far...
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    Help Me/Question How to increase my keyword position?

    Add a unique content on your blog with proper title and description of course! It will definitely boost your keyword def in search engines.