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  1. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents Google confirmed that Panda was not updated since October 2014

    On Twitter I noticed few weeks ago some webmasters were talking about possible Panda update that could happened after some organic traffic decreased. At the same time at SMX conference Googler Gary Illyes said that Panda algorithm is constantly running, instantly. Yesterday in Google+ hangout...
  2. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents Google added Dynamic Structured Snippets into Adwords

    Google has informed via Google+ page about implementing of a new Adwords format for ad snippets named dynamic structured snippets. This text will be automatically showed with your search ads. There will be displayed industry-specific, structured information about your products and services...
  3. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents Where to get backlinks in 2015?

    That is correct Temi. In his latest video hangout John Mueller said that it would be better for webmasters to stop building backlinks. But at the same time it does not mean that there are no safe ways to build strong backlinks. Also backlinks still is one of the most important ranking factor.
  4. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents Article: Where to get backlinks in 2015?

    You can view the page at
  5. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents Where to get backlinks in 2015?

    Link building in post Penguin and Panda period changed a lot. Majority of techniques that worked 3-5 years ago today would be considered as spam by Google team. John Mueller few days ago said that it is better to stop doing link building if you do not want to harm your site's rankings. In this...
  6. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents What results do you have after Penguin update?

    All webmaster world was waiting for Penguin update almost a year, the last one was in October 2013. And few weeks ago it was finally updated. Actually it was not update but refresh since the new signals were not added. What about your sites? Do you have any improvements or decrease in rankings...
  7. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents Google have not updated Penguin yet - John Mueller

    I just saw a post by John Mueller on Google Webmaster Forum where he said that Google have not updated Penguin but it does not matter that you can't be recovered. Here is the full post of John: "In theory: If a site is affected by any specific algorithm or its data, and it fixes the issue that...
  8. Evgeniy

    Neutral Request to Review Our Website

    New design looks good. But works a little slow for me. Pingdom shows that you have what to improve in terms of load speed.!/ddhM6z/ Also I can't find meta description tag. It may help you to make attractive snippet. On such pages...
  9. Evgeniy

    Have you moved from HTTP to HTTPS already?

    Google changed their search ranking algorithm to give more weight to the sites with HTTPS but does it impact your rankings in fact? Barry Schwartz recently moved his site to secure SSL certificate and noticed that Twitter has outranked his site for [seroundtable] keyword...
  10. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents We should expect a new Penguin update very soon

    Probably the next Penguin update will be rolled out very soon according to John Mueller from Google. In the video below he pointed that engineers from Goolge webspam team is working with the new update but it will not be launched in the next few days. So you have a week or so to be ready… “At...
  11. Evgeniy

    keyword ranking issue

    It depends on regions and in what search engine they were shown. For example you can rank high in but do not appear in 100 in In webmaster Tool they just show the average position.
  12. Evgeniy

    Google added feature to see full text of reconsideration request in Webmaster Tools

    Google improved a process of submitting reconsideration request in Webmaster Tools. Now they're showing the original RR and add their text "We have received a request from a site owner how we index the following site". Previously they just confirmed they received a request and then usually...
  13. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents Try to create file/folder "con" in windows

    Maybe some people already know that but for me it was new :). You can't create a file or a folder in Windows with the name 'con'. This is something pretty interesting... There are few versions why you can't do that and one of them is: It was a nickname of Bill Gates at school and he was not...
  14. Evgeniy

    Forum signature and profile

    It is valuable for traffic and if you can add useful comments, people will visit your site. Not sure that it is very useful in terms of SEO.
  15. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents Ipad is the most popular tablet worldwide according to internet traffic statistics

    Apple's iPad send more than 70% of worldwide traffic to internet sites among all tablets. Android holds only 25. Similar situation in smartphones world but among the brands: Apple holds almost 53% when Samsumg 25%, LG, 4.8%, Motorolla 3.5%... But analytics data for smartphones related only...
  16. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents A site was penalized for a link from Moz

    Seems that even very strong links can harm your site. One user received a notification from Google Webmaster team about unnatural links that point to his site. In the example was one link from Moz site. Rand Fishkin asked Matt Cutts what is a problem and here is what Matt responded: Hey, the...
  17. Evgeniy

    What we can do without Content?

    Let me diagree with that hypothesis. I have recently read this post where top seo specialists shared some useful tips on how to get good backlinks even without content.
  18. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents Active Twitter accounts indexing more in Google

    According to the latest research busy twitter accounts indexing better in Google than less active accounts. In the research they reviewed more than 900 accounts. Those that has more than 1 million followers showed higher indexation. Maybe it was due to active number of posts on that...
  19. Evgeniy

    Browser problem

    Well, if you still experience the problem, go to Adword preview tool, choose the region you need and type that keyword. You will see correct search results.
  20. Evgeniy

    My 2 Cents Google penalized two link networks in Poland

    Google has panalized two link networks in Poland few days ago. Karolina Kruszynska from Google Poland confirmed to Barry Schwartz that Google took an action on some Poland link networks. "We took action on two link networks." Matt Cutts : " Yes. I didn't tweet about it because people have...