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    Help Me/Question What does guest posting mean?

    Yes it works, also try broken link method and link outreach, make sure you check the traffic coming from the sites and post more articles from the source that has most articles. You can use gostats (must have IMHO) for this any other analytics tool you prefer
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    Introduction Hi everybody!

    Progress in which direction please be specific so we can guide
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    Help Me/Question Does video presentation increase my sales?

    Yes it does to some extent, VSL or video sales landing pages are very popular these days and audience feel that they are talking to you face to face.
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    Solved/Closed What Is Benefit Of Classified?

    classified or local citations helps local seo rankings
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    Best Search Engine other than Google??????

    Other than Google, i like Bing and yahoo.Alstavista is also good.
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    Manual Or Automatic Submission?

    I too prefer manual directory submission because many directories implemented captcha code which you can't do with automated software.Though some software claims to have the ability to read Captcha code, it is best not to use them.Though automated submission can help you to submit to the...
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    What constitutes a quality lading page?

    Well the most important point in landing page is your page must grab a visitors attention.Your landing pages should designed so the headline is first thing a user sees upon landing.Keep your pages fresh by publishing RSS feeds from within the site - product lists, latest articles,- all based...
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    Ways of Building Links

    Well which link building techniques one using is not as much important. How effectively you use these techniques to create a good,result oriented strategy is more important.Well i have considered article syndication,social bookmarking and networking,do follow blog commenting,link wheel,video...
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    Google+ Invite

    I have PM you.Please send Google+ invite to my account. Thanks.
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    Google+ Invite

    Google introduces its new social networking site Google+ to battle Facebook.Google provides all means of functionality to become Google+ far better than Facebook.Like it gives more emphasis on privacy management system than Facebook.SEO is going to be influenced by this in a big way. G+ provide...
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    Google does not want webmasters fixated on PageRank

    Well i don't understand Google's strategies.One time it said not to depend on page rank at the same time it changes its algorithms of page rank so frequently.Well i give more emphasis on SERP only not for page rank.
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    What is fake PR?

    Sites fake PR by looking for the Googlebot, then redirecting it to a high PR site, like Google sees that users actually land on and the PR Bar in turn reflects the PR of the rather than your site.
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    Disadvantages of Automated Article Submission

    Many high page rank article directories don't like automated submission because of spamming.That's why they implemented different kinds of measures to prevent people from submitting articles with softwares.Some have put captchas, others just block field entries if they detect an automated...
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    My 2 Cents Php stands for hypertext preprocessor.

    PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a popular general-purpose server side scripting language which can be embedded into HTML to create a wide variety of mini-applications, but can also be used to build large-scale complex applications. PHP is the language behind some of the most powerful and...
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    programming language

    Yeah Java is not easy language to learn.One has to go through with each basic concepts.Start with OOPs concept.If you are familiar with C++ then its quite helpful to learn Java.Go for some tutorials and practice all the exercises.
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    Yeah i too uses w3schools.Its very nice site to learn every language.
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    Favourite Programming Language?

    My favorite programming language is Java and for web applications i like J2EE.
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    Free Programming Tools

    Well thanks for the links but PHP link is not working right now,can somebody suggests any other link.Also i want server for PHP.Can some body suggest it also.
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    My Suggestion Forum Marketing Newbie Tutorial 101

    Nice tips.For forum commenting one should participate in interested discussion and do not spamming.Thanks for providing such useful information.It will definitely beneficial to newbie.
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    Help Me/Question Single Search Optimization Tool.

    There is no one tool which covers all SEO tools.I can share my list of tools .I have used google adward tool for keyword tracking,Google Back link Checker tool,which enables you to know the number of websites who have given a link to your website or webpage and gostats for analyzing many of my...