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  1. Marklen

    Buying Need An Ev Ssl Certificate

    COMODO Extended Validation Secure Server provides a low price and give regular support , to know more ablout EV ssl visit here
  2. Marklen

    What do you use for programming ?

    I have used dreamwever which is also a good software for designing purpose.
  3. Marklen

    Google tests new shopping results

    This is interesting never seen this before
  4. Marklen

    Fun How many email addresses do you have?

    30 email id for working purpose and i would not use same email id for different works.
  5. Marklen

    Selling Gig Magento Experts, Magento Developers, Ecommerce Website, Joomla Designer.

    Magento E-commerce and joomla designers are good in the E-commerce sites
  6. Marklen

    Help Me/Question What Do You Want In A Shopping Cart?

    shopcartindex.html This is the main frames page. navigate.html This is the page that appears in the left-hand frame. welcome.html This is the page that appears in the right. pageone.html This is the first page of items. pagetwo.html This is the second page of items. pagethree.html This is...
  7. Marklen

    My 2 Cents What Are Other Ecommerce Solutions Are There Except Ebay And Amazon?

    If you want to extend your E-commerce site to mobile then choose E-bay . If you decided to stop with desktop alone then you can choose amazon.
  8. Marklen

    Help Me/Question Help Choose A Name For My New Shopping Cart

    Yes i will go with WMS shopping Basket , it sounds good
  9. Marklen

    Does Facebook advertisement work?

    yes facebook advertisement can create instant backlinks
  10. Marklen

    Bank of Facebook! Have you ever thought about it?

    facebook is taking steps to give more provacy and security which they dint offer before.
  11. Marklen have you heard of it?

    yes heard of it , its like twitter and facebook sites used for social marketing
  12. Marklen

    My 2 Cents Here is working and corrected script for showing current date on website

    The coding is perfect , it will be very well useful, can you tell which editor you use for coding pupose
  13. Marklen

    Tutorial Best wiki webmaster resources

    Thanks for sharing it , its really a useful information and list
  14. Marklen

    Help Me/Question Custom 404 page on hosted blog without root access permission

    some free host services ask you to upgrade your account for accessing the root folder so check out the upgrading options
  15. Marklen


    Its really a useful tips for me also thanks fopr sharing it
  16. Marklen

    Help Me/Question Please help me choose between php/ruby/etc

    PHP is good and guess you are trying to buillt a ecommerce website.
  17. Marklen

    What do you use for programming ?

    writing a code in notepad is very good and useful for becoming a great coder , is that so .... i observed in that way through the discussion over here.
  18. Marklen

    Ask for CSS help

    good to know about css working in different browser , I am new to this website creation stuffs
  19. Marklen

    Help Me/Question Html templating system

    I am new to this can any one tell on which part your website design you need this
  20. Marklen

    What Code Editor Do You Use?

    i ahvent tried any code editors but i have studied in some article that code editores like dreamwever, fireworks, firebugs are really cool