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  1. wilco

    Help Me/Question What is keyword stuffing

    If you have about 2-3 hours to read a White-Hat SEO guide and do some research, you can look over this. It should point you back in the right direction: Page: White Hat SEO Case Study: 348% More Organic Traffic in 7 Days at Take everything you read on the...
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    Help Me/Question Do you use the internet to help write articles?

    Your @reference technique reminds me of a Facebook direct user-profile/page reference method. I too, however, have found it especially helpful to learn--through my studies or independently--how to conduct research and create website content utilizing citation methods such as APA, MLA, Chicago...
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    Caesar non supra grammaticos

    Caesar non supra grammaticos
  4. wilco

    Help Me/Question Do you use the internet to help write articles?

    I like the way you articulated your response in an easy to read manner. Also, I appreciate your analogy to how we learn in academia. It's very profitable that you mention writing in a format and mannerism that is equivalent or 'makes sense' to that of your audience. For example, it would be...
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    Help Me/Question Can anybody share their dropshipping experience with

    Through conducting some research of my own via Google, it doesn't look too good..... It's so vital that you do your due diligence in conducting adequate research when considering a product or service of any caliber--especially those that are purchased or initiated via the internet. I myself am...
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    Help Me/Question Best ideas or ways to make money from home? need suggestions

    ^This But in all seriousness, prepare to work until you pass out if you're seriously committed and looking to make a steady, monthly income. The money isn't just going to fall onto your lap, so if you're committed, your clients will be too. But if you're not confident or consistent in the...
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    Help Me/Question Is it safe to buy backlinks from fiverr?

    This all will depend on where the backlink traffic is coming from. You will need to determine, through sources such as Alexa, where the "unique" (or lack thereof) traffic is coming from, at what rate, and attempt to put one and one together. This can be hit or miss, but for $5.00, it may be...
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    Tutorial How to add bullets in adobe illustrator

    If you're for some reason still struggling, or anyone else is wondering how: Not fond of re-birthing outdated threads, but this one's fairly valuable.
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    Solved/Closed Where Do You Get Your Image From For Your Online Articles?

    If I understand the law correctly, it best serves the original producer or owner of a copyrighted image or piece of writing to first inform/request the removal of said item before pursuing legal ramifications. Through my legal studies to date, we have unfortunately, not really explored this...
  10. wilco

    My 2 Cents Why people prefer offline regular jobs than online assignments?

    Offline jobs are unpredictable as well--for example, working Construction. A multitude of previous "offline" jobs I've held were unstable due to the nature of the field, most of those were physical-labor based jobs. But even the ice sculpting gig, that was seasonal, when people were ordering...
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    Solved/Closed Where Do You Get Your Image From For Your Online Articles?

    That's right, Flickr, under the Commons tab under Licensing, you're free to use those, and that's what I utilize for uploading WordPress imagery for clients.
  12. wilco

    Help Me/Question How do we get easily online tasks from freelancer sites ?

    Not to be harsh or unkind, but nothing is easy about working online, or building your own 'online empire' of an effective income ratio v. your overhead or otherwise costs and money/time lost from not working offline. I'd like to point out the similar analogy of online-schooling, specifically...
  13. wilco

    Just Gossip How Green Are You

    What are 5 steps each of you believe you can start applying TODAY to make the environment around you and those you love cleaner, safer, and last longer?
  14. wilco

    Just Gossip How Green Are You

    I don't litter and I encourage those around me not to litter as well. As a country, may it be poverty related and or environmentally related, we very sparingly use water here--so that's nice. Also, paper is fairly a 'protected' and more 'middle to upper-class' resource in which the "lower...
  15. wilco

    Help Me/Question Content writing - how do you go about writing?

    I like your post because I feel what you're indirectly stating is that, in fact, many clients unfortunately do not (or do not feel the need to) express their duty or project expectations explicitly, and this in turn triggers re-writers over and over, and money loss on both ends. Some of even...
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    Help Me/Question Content writing - how do you go about writing?

    Fo For me, TrapNation works wonders:
  17. wilco

    Help Me/Question Content writing - how do you go about writing?

    It's not just about the computer or desk, it's also your chair and your posture! I've learned this the hard way--at a bit above 6"5. I always thought music was my motivator and reinforcer for effective content writing, but I've finally learned (admitted) that I am much more effective, (faster)...
  18. wilco

    News/ Info Avast 5.0 released

    I've had a similar experience with 'toning down', or avoiding/denying updates, and/or just stopping Komodo from running sometimes when I have up 35+ tabs, multiple explorers, music, etc... why do they have to be such active memory hogs?
  19. wilco

    My Suggestion Membership system importance

    Of course Published Programs (Software, I imagine you're referring to) have the *potential* to grow the largest membership database, but what about discussion boards? I find Apple's generic discussion boards, for example, to be very boring and strict compared to other Apple fanatic and...
  20. wilco

    News/ Info Avast 5.0 released

    Norton used to be a nightmare and the biggest active-shared/moving memory bully I ever met. I do not miss it at all--not to mention their asking prices annually online or to purchase the software physically! I don't think I had positive experiences with Kasperspy, I think it's performance and...