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    My 2 Cents I'm feeling lucky button...

    It's probably the longest lasting feature after the "Search button". Gotta admit - Google was fairly sh*t before they invented that search button
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    Neutral New IT software reviews and free trial software site -

    Hi WebmasterServe, We've just put together a new products and reviews site - We've put together the best product reviews and comparison's - plus we can get companies much better quotes. What do you think?
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    Neutral Please review and haba naija forum

    Looks nice Jake! Is it popular? Some of the jokes are great
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    Matt Cutts: Can I buy a domain that used to have spam on it and still rank?

    This happened to me in an SEO competition. I bought (do you remember the big Microsoft bCentral site in the early noughties? It was like PR8 and was just $45 to list a company on - with 9 contextual backlinks. SEO was sooo easy). Anyway, it was spammed beyond belief and it was a...
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    My 2 Cents Google Removes Payday Loan Ads From Paid Search

    Just because of the contact information or because they were pay-day loan sites?
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    Matt Cutts: If my web host has a lot of spammy clients, will that influence my site's

    Brilliant! Many years ago I posted a similar question on V7n and all I got was a load of shit answers. One 'moderator' went to great pains to tell me that there were too many sites sharing the IP of a site I set up for an SEO competition and Google "no likey"... Opinions and facts.
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    Google submitted Google Now to App Store

    Google should be more open about rejections its seeing from Apple - this is wrong on Apple's count
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    Is the EU Cookie Directive dead?

    The organisation responsible for policing the UK cookie law has just announced that they will stop asking users for permission to set cookies on their own website. In other words:
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    Google to penalizing the BBC?

    It seems that one of the Authors of an article had obtained links that violated the "Link Schemes" Group. Did you know a manual penalty sometimes only affects a few search phrases and not a whole site? The myth view is that a penalised site is always totally unfindable
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    Bing integrates Site Move Tool into Webmaster Tools

    Fantastic - Google's site move / page move leaves a lot to be desired. I don't trust their "Automatic detection" very well ;)
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    Google to add Keep app – new service to Google Drive

    Why do you think Google are doing this Ev ?
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    Suggestion Deleting spammers

    Hey Guys, Giving an infraction doesn't delete content / spammy threads. We really need to clean this up. How can I delete a banned users posts or does that happen afterwards?
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    Google to penalizing the BBC?

    They've only penalised one page but its going to cause pandemonium because they're going to ramp this up. We had a client who were running ads a site. The site dropped their "nofollow" tag and the client got penalised.
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    Personal Branding vs Corporate Branding

    spam thread, closing this to prevent more spam!
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    My 2 Cents Google Panda Update 25 Seems To Have Hit

    Photo sent to me by a friend in Mountain View - Google HQ earlier on Friday :)
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    My 2 Cents Google Panda Update 25 Seems To Have Hit

    Has anyone noticed anything? We've seen an upward surge in many sites - I don't know if its hit / ?
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    Matt Cutts to announce Panda, Penguin and Link Networks updates

    Apparently if you see surge, then you're ripe for a knocking! SEO definitely is harder, especially if you relied on easy links!
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    How to crack an android phone? freeze it for 1 hour

    No way! Great share, Where did you find that ?
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    Blog post from Anton Mannering - How to Launch a Social Media Presence

    This post was originally a response to a questions asked on LinkedIn. "What do you think is the best piece of advice for companies launching a social media presence?"