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    My Experience Google adsense placement on word press blog

    Hi I have been carrying out tests with Google Adsense placement on my Blog (Wordpress powered) recently and thought the information may come in handy. The results have been good so far. Results obviously depend on the number of traffic you receive to your site. 1) Placed a large image banner...
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    125 X 125 banner spots available on IT Blog

    Price £10 per month Site: IT Blog If you're interested or require further info, send me a pm or get in contact via the website - click here Must be IT or webmaster related sites only please Thanks
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    My Suggestion Google Alerts To Keep Track Of Inbound Links

    Any of you using Google Alerts to track inbound links to your website? Seems like a good tool which sends you an email when a new back link is detected. You can decide whether you wish to receive emails daily, weekly or as it happens.
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    Friends in the real world vs the virtual world

    It seems people are on social sites like facebook interacting with people more compared to the offline world. I know one guy who is always on facebook in his free time. Is this a good thing? In future will this bring down confidence in people meeting face to face? What do you think?
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    Webmaster Fulltime?

    A while ago, i posted a thread somewhere, asking whether you were a webmaster full time or whether it was a part time job. Most posted it was a part time job and there were plans to go full time in future? Are you a part or full time webmaster?
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    My 2 Cents Affiliate programs are they worth it?

    I joined an affiliate program a while ago. It was one from the company who host my websites. I placed a banner on one of my sites for a week and then decided to remove it. A few months on, i receive an email to say i have made my first sale. I then received another for a second sale a few days...
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    Keeping website up to date

    Would you say it is important to keep your site up to date to retain/increase your Google rankings? I have noticed sites which have not been updated for a very long time but still hold their rankings in search engines? What do you think? Do you continue to add new content to your sites?
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    Just Gossip Without Google

    What would your life/business be without Google? Now a days, everyone uses Google for most of their searching needs? "I'm going to google it" or "google it" Businesses are able to generate lots of traffic and revenue through Google search. How would it affect you?
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    old welsh guy on BBC

    Hi Come across this video from 2009. Some of you may know oldwelshguy. I know Temi does.
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    Train-switching technology 'poses hacking threat

    A shift to a mobile communications technology could expose rail networks to hackers, according to a security expert. Prof Stefan Katzenbeisser made the claim at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. The professor said that the systems which switch trains from one line to another could be...
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    Help Me/Question Do You Keep Up To Date With The Latest Word Press Versions?

    Hi Do you keep up to date with the latest Word Press versions? Do you update as soon as a new update is released or do you wait to see if others experience problems.
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    Help Me/Question How Do You Control Spamming On Your Blog?

    Hi How do you control spamming on your blog? I only approve the genuine ones and delete the spam. But currently have approx 30,000 pending spam comments.
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    Laptop or PC

    I find that more users are switching to a laptop instead of a desktop. What about you?
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    What is your current Computer Spec?

    Hi What is your current Computer Spec?
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    Google e-mail accounts compromised by 'Chinese hackers'

    Hackers in China have compromised personal e-mail accounts of hundreds of top US officials, military personnel and journalists, Google has said. The US company said a campaign to obtain passwords originated in Jinan and was aimed at monitoring e-mail. Google said its security was not breached...
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    PayPal sues Google over mobile wallet technology

    Google is being sued by PayPal, which claims that the internet search giant stole its technology for turning smartphones into digital wallets. PayPal alleges that Google obtained trade secrets from Osama Bedier, a former PayPal executive who is now Google's vice president of...
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    Is Osama Bin Laden dead?

    Hi What are your thoughts about the whole Osama Bin Laden mission? Do you think he is dead?
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    Just Gossip I Made $75,000 In One Day!!!

    I bet the above title got your attention. I have seen lots of members on different forums post such threads. What are your thoughts about such people? Personally, i think it's rubbish and such members should be banned or receive penalty points, but then how many of them are actually telling...
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    Help Me/Question Back Ordering Domains

    Have you ever back ordered a domain which is due to expire? Did you manage to obtain the domain? Which back order company did you use?
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    Directory submissions increase closer to PR update

    Does your directory submissions (paid and free) increase when coming close to the next Google update?