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    Vista vs Windows 7

    I got Windows Vista for my laptop and Windows 7 on my pc and I have to say Windows 7 is better. It's more compatible with softwares and applications than Vista. I also like its features which is more like MacOS. :)
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    Google’s Criteria for Page Rank

    I believe it is based on High PR backlinks. Websites obtain these links through link building techniques such as article submission, directory listing, forum and blog posting etc. There are reports that having backlinks from unrelated niches can mean negative ranking with Google which means it...
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    Buying links - really a risky situation?

    I think the problem with buying links is that some of them are being placed in niches not related to the link itself and Google takes it negatively.
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    which is best

    Google Chrome and Gmail are my most used application by Google. :)
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    Alexa Ranking

    I think alexa is just a way to see how a site is doing in terms of traffic but it doesn't increase the ranking.
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    Microsoft adds visual search to Bing

    I look at it as Microsoft's way to copy Google. :)
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    Best Position for PPC Ads

    There is no wonder that the position of the ads make a difference in the number of traffic you convert.
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    How to get more clicks.

    Having good ad placement is the key to having more clicks! :)
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    Yahoo Answers - Getting Too Spammy?

    Yes, some uses Yahoo answer as a SEO tool that's why its getting a bit spammy.
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    Search engine ranking

    It depends on the techniques and effort you place on it as well as the competition.