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  1. Vinaya

    Tutorial Best Free Wordpress Themes Of 2016

    I have used colormag it is a good wordpress theme. I will check out rest of the themes you have mentioned. By the way I am currently using bakersville. I think I will ty generatepress. The preview seems very clean.
  2. Vinaya

    Tutorial Top 10 Must Have Seo Wordpress Plugins

    I use wordpress seo by yoast, as well as jetpack. However, rest of the plugins you have mentioned here are very new to me. Thanks for the wonderful wordpress lession. I hope to make use some of these especially duplicator and fast secure contact form
  3. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question What are the best way to promote clickbank products?

    a site that is primiraly launched to sale affiliate product will not work. You need to have resourceful contents on the websites and try to place related products. For instance you can write about many uses of electronic hot water bottle and then link a hot water bottle from your affiliate...
  4. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question How Can I Promote Jvzoo Products

    I think reviewing the product and placing the affiliate links is a good strategy to market and promote the affiliate products. It is said the people used to make money by selling products via facebook page, however, not facebook is not acception affiliate links. Another way to sell affiliate...
  5. Vinaya

    My Suggestion Jvzoo Or Click Bank Which Would Be Preferred?

    I have heard about these marketplaces but have never used their service. I have tried ebay and Amazon, made more sales on ebay and less on Amazon. I am using Amazon on my website, however, I was rejected by ebay because it said I don't have top level domain. My question is related to this issue...
  6. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question How to get approved from commission junction?

    Thanks for the tips. I am also interested in commission junction. I have recently launched a wesite and published few contents. I have placed amazon products on my website. I want to place a question can I market commission junction products along with amazon product. Another question I have is...
  7. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question Commission Junction Vs. Amazon

    I don;t know about commission junction however, I am an amazon affiliate marketer. I have tried marketing amazon products via social media, writing sites and my blog. sadly, I have never been able to make good sales from Amazon product. I have heard about commission junction but do not know...
  8. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question What Are The Best Affiliate Networks For Games?

    have you considered marketing video games that are available on Amazon. You can earn a good sales commissions. However, the question is how are you going to market the products. Are you simply promoting on social media are building contents around a particular games and linking the content to...
  9. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question Subscribers List Not Updating

    sorry, I cannot help you because I have never used mail chimp service and I don't how this works. having said that I am aware this mail chimp is a email marketing service that delivers contents to the inbox of the subscriber. Recently, I have begun to think to use this service for my blog. I am...
  10. Vinaya

    My Experience My experience with mailchimp

    I have not used mailchimp however I have read good reviews about this service. I am even thinking to use service to market my contents. In fact I don't know how this works. Do I have to pay for the service or it is a free service. If it is a paid service, how is the pricing. I am subscribed to...
  11. Vinaya

    Email Marketing

    There is no point in marketing the contents of Tom, Dick Harry. Thus, the first requirement is you need to have your contents that you want to market and gain traffic. After you have contents, you must have email list of potential clients. Then you can begin your campaign. Alternatively, you can...
  12. Vinaya

    My 2 Cents Email marketing lists

    The first thing to consider is quality of the contents you want to market. Once you have gathered a list of the contents, along with the links, to market, you will have to write a short teaser to the each content. You can also give a short summary. Once you have the promotional material, you can...
  13. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question How Can I Collect Email Data For Email Marketing?

    You can begin collecting email data from your friends, fellow workers, acquaintances. You can also have access to the emails of people who have subscribed your blog. You can also gather email data of the individuals who have left comments on your blog and website.
  14. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question Blog Content Vs Email Content?

    Blog is a place where you will have the entire content and newsletter contains links along with a short teaser or summary. Newsletter is a guide for the readers so that they understand what to expect in the blog. Newsletter can contain full length article, but most of the time it only features...
  15. Vinaya

    My 2 Cents Using linkedin to promote website?

    Linkedin is a ssocial media platform that has the highest numbers of active users than only any other social networks, which means more people are active on LinkedIn than on facebook, pinterest, twitter etc. LinkedIn is a platform to promote your professional face, whereas facebook is a platform...
  16. Vinaya

    My Suggestion How To Earn Money By Videos - Youtube And Dailymotion?

    I have never used vimeo and daily motion, not even to watch videos. However, I use youtube almost every day. I know how youtube earning program works,. Since youtue is Google's product, we can use google adsense to make money from our youtube video. However, I was completely unaware about vimeo...
  17. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question Which social networking site is best for business?

    Once facebook was the best platform for business, however, over the years facebook has been toppled by many other platforms,. Firsts ot started with twitter, then linkedin. In the recent time, pinterest is becoming a good platform for business. LinkedIn is second to pinterest. Linked has more...
  18. Vinaya

    My Suggestion Do you have a youtube account for your business?

    I have a youtube accout, however, my youtue channel is for personal sharing. having said that I am also considering to create a youtube business account. I want to create interesting videos and try to earn by adsense, or promote my contents via youtube video and attract traffic ti my cocntents...
  19. Vinaya

    Help Me/Question Does pinterest work for amazon affiliates?

    Number is not a big deal, a large number of follower does not matter if the followers do not interact on your posts. It does not matter if you have 10 thousand followers as long as you do not make any sales, however, if you just have 100 followers but makes couple of sale every day, this is more...
  20. Vinaya

    Tutorial How to get more twitter followers

    if you do cross platform sharing, you can promote your X social media platform on Y socila media platform. If you share your tweets on facebook, you can pfomote your twitter account on facebook. This way you can attract your facebook followers and friends to follow you on twitter. You can use...