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  1. cortana

    Help Me/Question 2checkout vs paypal as payment gateway?

    2co is fine, but PayPal is so much more widely used and easy to use. PayPal is trusted by pretty much everyone which helps people feel trust with your site and their purchases.
  2. cortana

    Tutorial How To Get More Facebook Likes

    Purchased likes are only for show and you won't get much (if any) interaction out of those accounts. I bought an account once and didn't realize it had mostly visitors from NON English speaking countries. It was about 50/50. Not really worth it other than to troll your friends with.
  3. cortana

    Tutorial Old seo vs new seo techniques

    You can Google everything there is to know about SEO, most old tactics still work, and there's also the new focus that was mentioned above.
  4. cortana

    News/ Info Usb type c-port

    My computer would freak out if anything was transferred at 10gb per second. Does the govt or military use that? I bet anonymous had it 20 years ago!
  5. cortana

    Help Me/Question Chitika Yesterday And Today

    Adsense is only good for very targeted niche sites or sites with LOTS of traffic in the 100 thousands per day.
  6. cortana

    My 2 Cents Photography Is Art.

    The naked guy sitting on a stool looks like a drunk college kid took a picture as a joke. I wouldn't call that art. It looks terrible. The first photo looks amazing, but the second looks embarrassing.
  7. cortana

    Help Me/Question Is it safe to attach your debit or credit card with paypal?

    Why wouldn't it be? PayPal is one of the most trusted payment platforms and your credit card probably has buyer and fraud protection. If PayPal came out today, then I'd be weary, but it's been out for what....15 years+? And always use a credit card. That way if you buy something, and it doesn't...
  8. cortana

    My Experience Don't Fall For These Affiliate Marketing Scams

    Care to post any examples that you've seen? Such as more specific examples so that people can get more details about it?
  9. cortana

    Help Me/Question How To Decide The Best Seo Company For Your Tasks

    None. They're pretty much all worthless. If you can spend a few minutes to read things on Google, then that's all you need to do and all you need to know. There are no secrets to SEO - all the info is out there. Best to read and learn about it.
  10. cortana

    My Suggestion Few More Basics Of A Good Web Hosting

    I want domain names, then I go to namecheap or godaddy. If I want a webhost, then I go to a webhost. Go to the place that specializes in a service.
  11. cortana

    Help Me/Question What Is Crawling?

    Silly me would say "what I do to get home after a night out" but serious me says it's the one thing that you want search engines to constantly to and to always make your content as visible as possible to them.
  12. cortana

    My Suggestion Starting a new business with innovative ideas

    Remember - you get what you pay for (in most cases). Quality is usually better than quantity. If no one likes your product, sell it cheap and GET OUT!
  13. cortana

    Help Me/Question Best forum sites

    I think you should Google this question, as you can simply get an answer right away and then decide what forum type you might want to see. There's a lot of different forums on different topics. It's really all about what YOU like to chat about.
  14. cortana

    News/ Info Youtube red: ad-free experience, is it really worth the 10$/month ?

    Maybe for $5 a month, yes. Not $10. That's too much and the ads aren't always that bad. I imagine the ads will get worse if YouTube becomes more aggressive with pushing everyone into the Red.
  15. cortana

    My 2 Cents Goodbye 'selfie',welcome 'nixie'

    A selfie mirror is as stupid as the selfie stick. Nothing screams self absorbed worthless douche millennial more than a selfie mirror. I don't even know why girls take selfies with the toilet in the background, because no male wants to think about girls and toilets in the same sentence.
  16. cortana

    Help Me/Question Good webhoster for wordpress site?

    Hawkhost is good. Fatcow stinks. They will say your site has virus or malware, then force you to buy their sitelock software. Happened to a friend of mine, his site was clean according to Google and every other malware/virus scan software including securi and all the major ones.
  17. cortana

    Tutorial How To Start An Online Business?

    Everytime you fail, figure out why it failed and use that info to make your next task better. Don't be afraid to fail, but don't take HUGE risks until you know your small risks have paid off. Be patient, test things out, and slowly grow!!
  18. cortana

    My 2 Cents Goodbye 'selfie',welcome 'nixie'

    The selfie stick is one if the worst things I've ever seen sell millions of!! We always laugh when we see people with those, but the person doing the most laughing is the person who said "lets sell a stick that can hold your phone" haha!!
  19. cortana

    Help Me/Question How do we get easily online tasks from freelancer sites ?

    Fiverr is good. Here's the trick...make something that everyone will buy, then request another $5 to customize it. That way you already have your starting product and you get an additional few bucks for each customization AND you don't have to do each job from scratch.
  20. cortana

    Selling Free web hosting for 1 year

    There's always a catch. Maybe there's ads that appear on the website. Which isn't really that bad as long as the ads are safe for work. For some people just beginning their websites, that's a good deal. If anyone remembers sites like bravenet, angelfire, tripod, etc - they all offered free...