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  1. Zoli

    Help Me/Question Website Falling Apart In Large Width Screens :(

    I suppose to use a fixed width cenral aligned container div, or use fluid layout.
  2. Zoli

    My 2 Cents Php access, rights in catalogs

    Hi, You need at least two tables. One contains the assigned access level to the catalogs, and the other one must store the access level of the catalogs. The download should be controlled by get parameter eg. yoursite/downloadcatalogue.php?id=2 which will download the catalog with the id of 2...
  3. Zoli

    My 2 Cents New Boss Cart Ecommerce Software Version Is Released

    Hello Temi, We still have some smaller test to carry out before the 2 CO certification process would begin. The additional payment gateways are usually specified by our customers, although I suppose we intergrate SecurePay and/or Eway popular Australian gateways. We already have some customers...
  4. Zoli

    My 2 Cents New Boss Cart Ecommerce Software Version Is Released

    As the representative of Team Boss Cart it is my pleasure to announce our brand new release of our established PayPal Certified ecommerce software. During the development process we put the improvement of the core modules and the significantly better, unambiguous interfaces to the centre...
  5. Zoli

    Selling advertisements on PR 3 Ecommerce, Web Development Website...

    Hello Meenal, Please send me the site details and the price via private message. Thanks, Zoli
  6. Zoli

    Buying links - really a risky situation?

    I think bigger problem is that there are some people who go to google forum and ask explanation claming for penalty. Every website owner must have the possibility to monitize the webpage to achieve the highest profit. If it leads to selling link what is the problem with it? I suppose...
  7. Zoli

    My 2 Cents Dynamic Dhtml Submenus Onmouseover

    Hi, Thank you for this great tutorial, this is defently a nice one though may I ask you to add fewer external links to your site within one single post? Thanks Zoli
  8. Zoli

    Help Me/Question Populating A Forum

    Well, when I launched my webmaster forum about 3 years ago with a friend of mine first off we designed the forum structure. We had webdesign, general chat and dedicated forums for the major search engines, like MSN (it was not called Bing that time). We could not leave any forum empty so started...
  9. Zoli

    Help Me/Question Populating A Forum

    I personally believe that the initial personal posting storm can't be avoided. It is great luck if you have nice and generous friends who have the willingness to participate in the communication and start their own threads. I launched only one forum so far so am not the most experienced forum...
  10. Zoli

    WTS text links on UK based PR 3 webmaster website

    Hi Meenal, Please send me the list of your site i would like to have a look at them. Thanks
  11. Zoli

    Easy steps to tune up your Firefox installation

    Brilliant suggestions, thank you very much.
  12. Zoli

    When do we use Cache-Control: public ??

    The public value of Cache-control header enabled caching the resources by proxy servers locally. So at the next request the cachable files won't be served by your hosting provider, but by the proxy.
  13. Zoli

    468x60 Banner on IT blog - PR3 site - $10 per year

    Hi, I am just designing the banner in the desired size, please be so kind and send me your PayPal id which I may use to arrange the payment. Regards, Zoli
  14. Zoli

    Display latest blog post on homepage

    This script let you parse any external feed then display it on any page according to a felxible layout. Thanks
  15. Zoli

    Happy New Year to you all

    Happy New Year to all members!
  16. Zoli

    My Experience Google pr update

    She might be very proud of her website as well mostly after considering her age.
  17. Zoli

    My Experience Google pr update

    I have only one website which went from pr5 to pr4 all the others are still not changed yet.
  18. Zoli

    301 redirect tips

    Very useful tips indeed. As addition I would like to share this handy .htaccess code snippet which helps to rewrite all the pages in a singe folder to the directoryindex or to any preferred page. RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f...
  19. Zoli

    Just Gossip What browser do you use?

    I mostly use firefox for browsing and internet explorer for development, since it is much more sensitive for client side programming issues. Google chrome also has a nice debugger interface but sometimes it gives meaningless warnings.
  20. Zoli

    Internet explorer 8 problems

    Hi, Could you please let me know the URL of the problematic website? Thanks