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  1. SenseiDesign

    Facebook Vanity URL have you secured yours?

    got me a uniqe url but sensei was already taken ... so I had to go with something similar :D
  2. SenseiDesign

    Help Me/Question Text or image?

    I'm using text ads and it seems to work out pretty good
  3. SenseiDesign

    How much time does it take to design this player?

    it may take more then 6 hours because of all the details. depends on how good you are with photoshop and the size the image you're creating is. I can totaly understand your designer, the player might look simple but it's qite a lot of time he needs to put into it if he's sarting from scratch
  4. SenseiDesign

    [WTS] webmaster article arround 745 words

    hey, I'm selling an article about "Buying Private Label E-book Resell Rights vs. Writing your Own Ebooks to sell" So as the title tells the article will discuss weather it's better to write your own ebooks or the buy some with resale rights. Facts about the article: - 745 words -...
  5. SenseiDesign

    [WTS] Avatar and Sig link 1700+ Posts, 25 itraders - Digitalpoint

    Hey guys, last time I was pretty suprized how fast I was able to sell the links on here so this is my second try. Today I'm selling my Avatar and a link in my DP signature for one month. Price for the avatar will be 14$ a month and the signature link woll also cost 14$/month. The...
  6. SenseiDesign -Run Your OWN Image, File And Document Hosting And Sharing Site

    I'm offering the Imagejockey Image and Filehosting Script. Build up your own File and Imagehosting service that will allow your users to share and upload files and images. To buy the Script for a special price follow this link: The normal price of this...
  7. SenseiDesign

    [WTS] Digitalpoint Signature link and Avatar +1660 POST, 24 iTraders

    Hey, right now I'm selling a siglink in my dp Signature and my Avatar. Price for on month will be 13$ each. Get it for three month and pay 70$ which will save you 8$ in the END Prices in €: if you want to pay in Euro: Sig-Link: 10€ Avatar: 10€ Price for 3 Month: 50€...
  8. SenseiDesign

    lifes Goals

    well right now I'm about ti finish school and graduate for university ind ten years I will be owning my own Business if things go well
  9. SenseiDesign


    what are you trying to tell us? Valhalla is the heaven where you will find all Vikings after their death in battle hunting, drinking and having fun if I remember rightly
  10. SenseiDesign

    Your domain registrations Thread

    registered yesterday still waiting for the dns servers to update
  11. SenseiDesign

    Best image format for quality?

    you can install a hack on your site, that will allow ie6 users to see .png's but I think it's to much work for a dieing Browser
  12. SenseiDesign

    Company Name vs Product...

    keyword domain and the company name one
  13. SenseiDesign

    Help Me/Question Favourite Wordpress Theme?

    creating most of the themes I'm using on my own :D so there is no real favourite one
  14. SenseiDesign

    How much is your blog earning?

    not much :D made 10€*in the last 2 month so 5 each but the blog is only 3 month old so I think it's ok and there is a lot of room to improove
  15. SenseiDesign

    What Country Do You Live In?

    who else besides me is from germany? :D
  16. SenseiDesign

    Help Me/Question What Font Are You Using ?

    missing an option to vote for trebuchet :D
  17. SenseiDesign

    Help Me/Question Which Software Would Be Best For Graphics Rendering?

    photoshop is awesome if you can afforde it if you don't go for gimp there is nothing besides them for me
  18. SenseiDesign

    Best image format for quality?

    I use .png most of the time :D and the quality is pretty good but I dunno for sure if it'S the ultimate one :D
  19. SenseiDesign


    Hey, I'm selling my shop site because I won't have time to develope it..... you'll get two domains: which are highly brandable, a wordpress blog with an shop system integrated and a custom logo. I can also provide you 19k plr artikels to add to...
  20. SenseiDesign

    Can you sell a blogspot blog?

    yes you can sell it :D just need to find someone to buy it