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    Google Owns the Patent of Its Home Page

    Hi folks, I ready on one of the SEO blogs that fter five years, Google has finally owned the patent to the design of its home page. So anyone who tries to copy its design will face patent infringement from Google. The patent refers to whole Google Home Page as a graphical user...
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    What is your twitter link?

    Hi folks, It's really a great idea to follow each other on Twitter as we are here on this forum with the same interest. Well, my twitter id is
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    Bing click share continue to increase

    Hi, Yep, I also read this news on one of the blogs. However, Bing is still quite behind as far as traffic is concern.
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    Digg is goign to remove 'Shout' features

    Hi folks, I just read this news on one of the blogs that Digg is going to remove the controversial 'shout' features. I think it would be a great step by Digg to prevent spammers from flooding the message system as many of them are hitting the front page by shouting friends in their network...
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    Tips for Twitter Marketing

    Hey, These are basic but useful information.
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    Next PageRank update - Guss it

    Hi, yep, there was an update. My few new pages of site have got PR 4
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    Backlinks From Twitter

    Hi, Well, Twitter doesn't allow to use anchor text so it's also not useful as point of view SEO because you are not getting chance to target your keywords. __________________ Sam Thomas
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    Dashes in URL

    Hi, yep, I do agree with you that keywords will be counted as separated words and keywords in url also helps little bit to improve SERP. __________________ Sam Thomas
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    Help Me/Question Would It Be Better To Make Website Table Less?

    Hi Everyone, Would it be better to make website table less? Has anyone ever developed website completely table less? And, what's the purpose of making a site table less? Hope, I will have some good inputs from you guys. Thanks... __________________ Sam Thomas
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    Usin Yahoo Answers for SEO

    Hi, Yahoo answer is not useful in terms of SEO because links are no-follow. However, It's quite useful for promotion of your website. Find such relevant question which are related to your niche, post appropriate answer and put your link as resource. It will help little bit to generate good...
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    Is blog commenting useful ?

    yep, if blog is related to your niche and you make an unique and relevant comment so it's useful in terms of getting traffic and if blog is do-folllow so it's also useful as backlinks. __________________ Sam Thomas
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    Orkut OR Facebook

    yep, I do agree with you. Orkut is more easier to use and user friendly too.
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    Twitter as a promotion techniques

    Hi, I also came across one more tool is TweetLater. TweetLater lets you schedule and send a twitter message at a later time, when you might not be able to do so. I use it for reminders, and to send notifications. There are lot more tools available which make easy and effective to use...
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    Twitter as a promotion techniques

    Hi, It will be the best if you participate on Twitter for awhile before you begin promoting your stuffs. However, the first thing I did , is to set up Twitterfeed to "feed" my blog posts to my twitter account. Every time I post on my blogs, the post is pushed out to my twitter status. That...