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  1. Manish Mishra

    Tutorial Top 10 Legit Sites That Will Pay You To Write Content Online

    Well, I must say iWriter should not be added as they are more into scamming activities. Many of my US and Aussies friends even me too complained about banning of our account after writing few or more articles but the iWriter team just say they found something something. Maybe, Google about their...
  2. Manish Mishra

    Help Me/Question How To Reduce Bounce Rate In Seo?

    I will give you a good example to understand how you can REALLY get over with the bounce rate. First you need to understand what is bouncing rate with World Wide Web. See, if someone meets you and try to act very different or just making a lot of excuses to say “GoodBye” to you makes it a...
  3. Manish Mishra

    Help Me/Question Is It Worthwhile To Use Google Adwords For Small Business?

    First of all, we need to understand how small or semi-small business you are going to start. If this is really very small, I will not suggest you to go for Adwords since it needs a portion of investment that if not turns into business then it gives you no profit after all. Another perspective...
  4. Manish Mishra

    My Suggestion Now how long does it take google to update pagerank?

    I believe they want webmaster/users to forget about PageRank that is why their are not showing their interest at all in updating Google PageRank. But i can assure you this was something that made Google a different search engine. Many webmaster, promoters, companies have been using this PageRank...
  5. Manish Mishra

    Tutorial Rank Your Fresh Website With These Secret Tricks

    I must say, building good backlinks should be added with above. You really have explained it quite an easy way for the beginner with the images and informative content. Thanks!
  6. Manish Mishra

    My 2 Cents If You Know Your Why, Then You Know How

    Hey, i must say a great post. In fact, what happens is like giving an advise to one of friend or relatives in more wiser way is quite an easy task. But when it comes to oneself it is really hard to judge and follow the same rules one has advised or said to others. People know what can be done...
  7. Manish Mishra

    Help Me/Question Which youtube keywords tool can i use?

    I will suggest you to follow Google Adwords tools, "Keyword Planner". Youtube is no different for search engines and since its another Google product it gives a good signs for everyone to chose a right keywords. Additionally, If you use Google Trends, it will give you a bonus to identify a...
  8. Manish Mishra

    My 2 Cents 7 Obsolete Seo Tactics You're Wasting Your Time On

    I am sorry but i completely disagree with many of your mentioned points. I don't know why do you believe this will be wasting of time. 1. More links means higher rankings Definitely, links means to recognize someone that it is very useful. If there are more links for your website on tons of...
  9. Manish Mishra

    Help Me/Question Is it safe to buy backlinks from fiverr?

    I will drop you 2 reasons why you should not buy. First, It is not just 5 bucks, fiverr collects money from every sales and then it transfers the money and so the PayPal have their commission as well. Fact, is for this dirt cheap rate, lets say, 4 bucks. How possibly on earth you believe to...
  10. Manish Mishra

    Help Me/Question Do you use the internet to help write articles?

    Well, Internet means the widest possible place to gather search for anything and everything. When it comes to write content, no matter how wise you are or how much you are capable of but reading the a long list of possible useful content spread on World Wide Web gives you more sophistication and...
  11. Manish Mishra

    Selling Gig Selling Links/posts On My Dutch Websites

    Hello WMS, I am selling links and blogposts on my Dutch gambling based websites. All the websites have keyword rich domain names and PageRank on 2 with Google indexed. If you buy in bulk i will offer you a good rate, for sure. Please send your queries and i will answer them...
  12. Manish Mishra

    Neutral What Is Difference Between The Static And Dynamic Website

    Static websites are simple websites build with the pages that will be downloaded to end user and no changes will be allowed at all. However, Dynamic websites are the websites that are large and use dynamic pages to the end use. "Dynamic Pages" means that will be generates at end user upon...
  13. Manish Mishra

    Help Me/Question What is the difference between black hat seo and white hat seo?

    In simple term; A white hat technique is what you want the search engine to know. A black hat technique is what you hide from the search engine to know.
  14. Manish Mishra

    Help Me/Question What Is The Best Keywords Research Tool For Finding Long Tail Keywords?

    The program run by Google Adwords, "Keyword Planner" is yet best source to know which keyword you would work on. Since, Google is far best known for search engine, it can give you more adequate information on your long tail keyword plan. If you have come up with few of the keywords from Adwords...
  15. Manish Mishra

    Help Me/Question What Is Crawling?

    Crawling cannot be understood by a visit on a website available on World Wide Web. Basically, Web Crawler is a software that is responsible to discover pages and follow their links to links to discover their other available pages for a particular website. You might have seen sitemap on...
  16. Manish Mishra

    Life is fun, make the most of it.

    Life is fun, make the most of it.