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  1. Zirkon Kalti

    My Suggestion 4 Areas New Freelance Writers Should Focus On To Make More Money By Writing

    It will be even more profitable if you know how to obtain these article writing assignments and outsource them to other writers. For example, you can start an article writing company and start selling article writing services. Alternatively, you can go to internet marketing forums to look for...
  2. Zirkon Kalti

    My Suggestion On-page Seo Checklist

    On-page SEO focuses on optimizing things that are happening on your website pages. The following is a list of on-page SEO checklist that can help your site to rank better in organic search. Post high quality content. It is best to write longer content, for example 1,000 - 1,500 words because...
  3. Zirkon Kalti

    My Suggestion Feature And Uses Of Web 2.0 The Second Generation Internet

    Using web 2.0 to get backlinks is a good idea because there is absolutely no cost in publishing the content. It only takes a few minutes to set up your blogs on web 2.0 sites such as Wordpress and Tumblr. All the backlinks you create will be yours and you will have full control over the links...
  4. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question How To Create Good Backlinks

    One way to build high quality backlinks to your sites is via guest posting. If you want to get a lot of scores for your backlinks, you should write for a site that do not have the write for us page. You should only write for sites with a domain authority that is higher than your site otherwise...
  5. Zirkon Kalti

    My Suggestion Starting a new business with innovative ideas

    Motivation is important in order for a business to succeed. Without motivation, you will not have the willingness to try it again and again after failure. Motivation keeps you going even though you never know whether what you are doing will be ultimately rewarding and worth it.
  6. Zirkon Kalti

    My Suggestion 5 Motivational Speakers You Should Follow To Grow Your Business

    Josh Sundquist is a hilarious motivational speaker who turn his disability into creative Halloween costumes. Sunquist, a one leg Paralympic skier produced his own series of Halloween costumes in the past years. His playful dressing is what makes him unique and funny.
  7. Zirkon Kalti

    My Suggestion Needs Of Video Training For Your Company

    Video training provides a cost effective method for training your employees. Video training is cheaper than conventional training because of the reduction in the cost of video production hardware and streaming costs. Once the video is made and uploaded, it can be viewed by your employees in any...
  8. Zirkon Kalti

    My Suggestion The Importance Of Logo

    A logo is a small symbol primarily used in marketing your business to prospective customers. Your company logo represents what types of products/services you are offering. Good logos can easily be remembered and recognized. It will create a lasting impressions on your customers. Logo establish...
  9. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question How To Move Wordpress Database To Another Host?

    How can I move the database of a Wordpress blog from one host to another? Must it be done through phpMyAdmin? What are the steps for moving the database via phpMyAdmin? Is there a plugin that makes it easier to transfer the Wordpress database?
  10. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question 404 Error Pages

    I have got hacked several times before. What I did was to switch to another Wordpress theme and everything is restored because the hacker only attack the current theme I am using. You will have to ask your web hosting provider to help you get the site cleaned from whatever the hacker had done to...
  11. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question Including Domain/brand As Keyword In Meta Title?

    Is it necessary to include the domain/brand as keyword in the meta title? Does this help in search engine ranking? If yes, then should the domain/brand be used at the beginning or end of the title tag?
  12. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question Black Hat Seo Vs. Grey Hat Seo Vs. White Hat Seo?

    I am confused about white hat SEO, black hat SEO and grey hat SEO. What are the main differences between these SEO techniques. Can grey hat SEO be used for search engine optimization.
  13. Zirkon Kalti

    Neutral What Is Difference Between The Static And Dynamic Website

    Dynamic sites use a server side scripting language to connect to the database and bring up the page the visitor is requesting. Most CMS sites such as Wordpress, and Joomla sites are dynamic sites. Static sites are usually HTML sites that do not use database. It takes longer time to code dynamic...
  14. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question Hosting At $2 To $4

    I recommend Hawkhost. Their basic shared hosting plans comes with unlimited domains, bandwidth and 10 GB hard disk and they charge only $2.99 per month. I have used their shared hosting plans to host a few of my sites and I can say that they are a decent web hosting company. Their customer...
  15. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question How To Reduce Bounce Rate In Seo?

    If you want to reduce your bounce rate, you should avoid using pop up ads because it can irritate your visitor and decrease his user experience. The navigation for the important items should be clear so that your visitor can find the webpage he want without having to browse around the site...
  16. Zirkon Kalti

    My Suggestion How To Earn Money By Facebook?

    You can make money on Facebook by selling products to your friends or selling/buying related groups. You will have to get lots of likes to your Facebook page in order to use it for advertising. Another way is to start a blog and share some of the topics you discussed on the blog on Facebook. In...
  17. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question Can I Drive Traffic From Social Media On My Blog Monetized With Various Affiliates?

    You can drive traffic to your coupon sites by using social media sites such as Pinterest or Tumblr. The key is to gain lots of followers on these sites. The more followers you have, the higher the number of people will visit your coupon site and browse the coupons. In turn, this also increase...
  18. Zirkon Kalti

    My Suggestion How To Earn Money By Videos - Youtube And Dailymotion?

    It isn't easy to generate earnings through video as you'll need to have tens of thousands or millions of views in order to bring in significant income. If you have a high quality video to upload, it will be a good source of passive income. The average CPM of Youtube videos is $1.5 so you will...
  19. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question How To Start Up An Online Medical Consultation?

    Maybe you can try joining an online medical consultation portal first, like iCliniq or DoctorSpring. This will make it easier to get started in the field before you open your own site to offer the medical consultation services.
  20. Zirkon Kalti

    Tutorial What Is Guest Posting? An Ultimate Guide For Beginners!

    Guest posting is useful as it can direct some high conversion traffic and help you to generate some sales provided that you submit the guest post to popular and authoritative sites such as, Forbes and etc.