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  1. Marc

    Help Me/Question Vs - Which Do You Prefer When Creating A Forum?

    When creating a forum, which do you prefer - (1) using a sub domain for the forum [eg.] or (2) using a domain name for your forum? Just so you know, when I say "using a domain name for the forum", I mean either or Also, please let us know the...
  2. Marc

    Non-Gaming Content Coming To Steam

    If you're a PC gamer and buy/get all of your games legally, I bet you know what Steam is. I've recently read that Valve plans to add non-gaming content to their Steam platform. There's no official word on what content we might see yet. What do you guys hope gets added?
  3. Marc

    Help Me/Question What would you have done if someone from china stole your company's domain name?

    Quoted from Did the guy from China actually think he could have gotten away with stealing the company's domain name? Still, it is sad that they lost money in sales due to this. If you were ever in this position like Ebrahim - what would you have done first?
  4. Marc

    Good day!

    Welcome to the forums, Micronetvps. I've noticed. I'm looking forward to participating in discussions with you here at the forums :)
  5. Marc

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the WebmasterServe forums, Annabell.
  6. Marc

    Help Me/Question Which One Of The Photoshop Software Is Better For Graphics Design ?

    Always go for their latest version, which is PhotoShop CS6 at the moment.
  7. Marc (FREE/PAID) Web Directory

    Thread moved to the directory announcements & promotion forum of WMS.
  8. Marc

    Do You Show Deleted Threads/Posts To Members and Guests?

    I think with most scripts this is possible, if you can't set permissions by default you can hack it. So the question is - do you show deleted threads/posts to your members and/or guests? I'm not talking about the contents of a deleted thread or a post. I'm talking about the listing of the...
  9. Marc

    Whats Your Favorite Games..!

    That classic snake game, of course.
  10. Marc

    Retina Support for Gravatar and All Hosted/Self-Hosting Wordpress Websites

    Quote from I've also read that the Wordpress team plans to integrate Retina improvements into their next WP release - Wordpress 3.5. The latest version of wordpress (at the moment) is 3.4.1 if you did not know. What are your thoughts?
  11. Marc

    Google search to include Gmail messages

    I've just read this article from I'm not much of a fan of Google including gMail's email results in a search Via, to be honest. Then again, I don't have to make searches while logged into my Google account. What are your thoughts on this?
  12. Marc

    My Suggestion What Are Some High Paying Money Making Methods You Have Used?

    As you may know, there are many ways you can earn money online. Depending on your skills it will be easy to make money from what you're good at. If you wish to share your experience on making money online and some of the best methods, please share them in this thread. Some people I know earns...
  13. Marc

    My 2 Cents Some html color codes

    I've just edited the thread's title to include the word "color". For anyone that's interested, they can find more color HTML names/codes Via W3Schools:
  14. Marc

    Google BasketBall Game @

    Today I noticed a new Google logo, one that allows visitors to play a sort of basketball game straight from If you have not checked it out yet (if you're in the right timezone) - Let us know how many hoops you scored.
  15. Marc

    Buying What's Your Favourite Forum Plug-in/add-on/mod?

    There are thousands of forum add-ons/plug-ins/modification which you can download and install on your forum (either it be paid or free). From your experience with using add-ons at your forum (no specific forum script), which one did you like the most? Also, please let us know why that add-on...
  16. Marc

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey Laura, welcome to the community.
  17. Marc

    Help Me/Question What control panel do you install on your vps and/or dedicated servers?

    Kloxo is a free open source control panel that you can install on your server. My server admin installed it on my unmanaged VPS once and it's not really my cup of tea.
  18. Marc

    please healp me

    With little details, my only answer to you is to transfer your website to a new web host. What script are you using?
  19. Marc

    Hello WebmasterServe!

    Hey David, welcome to Webmaster Serve.
  20. Marc

    What Is a Web Page?

    You're visiting one right now. A better explanation from WikiPedia: Source: