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    What is your most useful programming related website?

    Ditto for Stack Overflow. I also like Ajaxian and Webification.
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    the difference

    Because I get 10 more times the traffic on google than I do on Yahoo, I don't compare. I just optimize normally. (In the past this was different when you Yahoo provided more traffic)
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    get backlink

    Google only shows a "sample" of the backling, even though more are known by google. That is why. Yahoo is better for seeing the actual backlinks.
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    Hosted V self hosted blogs

    If you host it yourself, you have much more control of the site, and the ownership of the content.
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    bluehost any good?

    I will say they are not bad. I prefer hostgator, but I know plenty of people that have been satisfied with bluehost.
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    Visions - Free Template for version 3.3! Have a look!

    Great to see you are still releasing templates. You have released several very popular template. Nice work!
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    phpLD 3.3 Final Released

    After nearly 9 months since the release or phpLD version 3.2, we are pleased to announce the release of version 3.3. Many users have now tested the beta, as well as upgraded from 3.2, and we feel that we have reached a very stable version, and hope that you will find this latest release the best...
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    Hi I'm new! Welcome here!

    Welcome, come back again soon. :)
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    $1000 SEO Contest on UK Webmaster Forum

    Great contest. I wanted to note that I joined it with the same username a while back, but was never able to activate my membership.
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    Free Link Bid Directory Script

    There is now a new version of phpLD that allows you to run a site that allows people to bid for position on their links. While this is still new product, it seems to be working flawlessly for people that have tried it so far, and it even seems people are making money from it already. More...
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    My 2 Cents Free Directory Scripts

    I used to use phpLD all the time on oscommerce sites. It worked well for me doing link exchanges for my customers. Of course, I am a little partial to phpLD. :)
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    cheap scripts

    Who wrote these scripts that you are selling?
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    DMOZ Top Listed Domains

    I know there are some opportunists that are editors, and to some degree there are checks and balances, but I believe certain Metas pretty much do whatever they want. Some of these can be justified, so please don't think I am saying these are not supposed to be there (judge for yourself). Here is...
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    Finding Clients Offline

    I think I really have a lot to offer people, and I keep saying to myself, "Print some flyers, and then go out and hand them out to businesses". Then I don't do it. First of all, I'm hoping to get some support from people saying, "Yeah! You can do it!". It takes a lot of courage to go out and...
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    Guaranteed way to keep traffic coming

    A lot of the best results come from personal involvement in a site. Find could link exchange partners. Develop a mailing list of interested people. Run a discussion forum.
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    Send to 2500 Yahoogroups daily

    How are making sure that the content of the messages you send are relevant to the groups?
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    White Text on a Black Background Hurts my Eyes

    that's even worse! I just leave the site, even if it seemed interesting. :)
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    White Text on a Black Background Hurts my Eyes

    Am I the only person whose eyes hurt when trying to read white text on a black background? (or on a red backround, etc) Please...for the sake of my!
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    AdSense, let's compare notes

    Yes, matching the link and background color is certainly a plus. On a community site where you have regular visitors, sometimes it is good to vary the color every so often.
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    New Yahoo Mindset

    I didn't see that anyone mentioned the new Yahoo Mindset here: I think this is a pretty cool idea, and I find it interesting that they are able to determine whether a site is more commercial or more information oriented. It worked pretty well for the queries...