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    Neutral - recommended hosting | nice support

    After extensive research I picked to host my site over the other dozen of budget hosting companies due to the good online reviews and Microsoft also recommend their service. provides a Plesk Panel for account with the same unlimited space and...
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    My 2 Cents Windows hosting vs linux hosting

    If you need to use ASP or .NET then you need to use a Windows web hosting platform. Otherwise, you should be fine with the more popular and cheaper web hosting platform: Linux.
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    Help Me/Question Free or paid hosting which is best.

    In my point of view paid hosting is much better than the free hosting, but we need to be cautious while choosing for the paid hosting.
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    My 2 Cents How to choose best web hosting

    At the end of the day the real difference has to do with reliability and availability vs price. Shared hosting is cheaper and given the right people to share the server with works just fine. But if you get one resource who crashes the server a few times a day it can really destroy your website...
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    Help Me/Question Does anyone know of any good hosting service that can host multiple domain?

    I think is a great choice. I ordered new hosting package from them. Their customer support is really fast as well. I am sure this is the right host for your domain.
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    My 2 Cents Web hosting for bloggers

    I think the same hosting for bloggers and another hosting. note is how the hosting provider serving customers, such as security or reliability of the server support team who work 24x7.