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  1. Party Animal

    Expression Engine - whats it like?

    Expression Engine is a new content management system with various add on modules such as a forum module, e-commerce etc. ( I was just wondering if anyone knows much about it - its fairly new. Anyone here used it? How does it compare to Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal? Any...
  2. Party Animal

    Upgrading a wordpress blog

    I have always been worried that if I upgrade my blog I'll end up trashing the whole thing. I am currently running wordpress blog version 2.1.1 and 2.6.2 is the current version. I think I should upgrade soon. I also understand that later versions are easier to upgrade. Is it easy/ possible to...
  3. Party Animal

    Help Me/Question Buying Hosting From A Reseller - A Good Idea?

    Buying hosting from a reseller always seems cheaper than buying directly from a hosting company. It seems too good to be true? I pay the equivalent of nearly $30/month for a hosting package with PHP and MySQL from a international hosting company. A reseller quoted me $5.00 for that. I mean...
  4. Party Animal

    My first Google Adwords campaign - advice needed

    I'm planning my first ever Google Adwords campaign. The problem is that I've heard its an easy way to lose a lot of money very quickly, with little return. Where can I get good advice/ guidance on developing a great ad campaign, or can someone here give me a little advice?
  5. Party Animal

    Now is the time to buy, buy buy

    If you are a domainer and looking to add quality domains to you portfolio, now might be the time to do it. I suspect that the difficult economic conditions over the next year or two will lead to substantial drops in the values of domain names. Businesses will be dropping domains they don't want...
  6. Party Animal

    Hi Party Animal here

    I'm from Manchester, England and Temi suggested I visit. I run quite a few sites but most of my time is spent on developing two sites - a site about the city of Manchester, in England, and a site providing advice for people buying selling and monetizing domain names. Looks like theres a lot of...