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  1. Alex

    Help Me/Question 2checkout - Any Experience?

    2co or also known as is a web service designed to accept payments on your behalf and pay you via your preferred method every week/month. When I was thinking about signing up for the service, they were charging a $50 account activation fee and $10 monthly fee regardless of whether...
  2. Alex

    Help Me/Question Have You Used Moneybookers (skrill)?

    Moneybookers is one of the largest payment processing websites available today. Recently, they've been re-branding their service now known as "Skrill". It can be accessed both from and If you have an account, you can login at both of them. The reason why...
  3. Alex

    My Experience Blog Carnivals

    For all of you bloggers, would you care to share your experience with blog carnivals? A blog carnival is a website which is hosted by fellow bloggers and there you are able to post your blog posts, get them seen by their visitors and therefore gain an audience for yourself potentially. Also...
  4. Alex

    Help Me/Question Web Awards And Buzz?

    I remember the time when "web awards" were really "in" and the winners would proudly present their badges on their home pages linking back to the organization's website. Which is a nice way to score some great links back to your home page by the way. Today, maybe I'm not as updated as I should...
  5. Alex

    My 2 Cents Effective Web Design

    Usually all of us are irritated when we arrive at a website that looks like it was (and it probably is) from the 90s era. Although it's certainly not something that will stop me from using it if I really need it (example:, it's surely a turn off in terms of aesthetics. More over...
  6. Alex

    Organic Rankings Observations

    Whether you started a brand new SEO campaign or you are simply interested in observing how your website is performing in the SERPs, accurate ranking checks are crucial. There are many different tools that are designed to do this, but one of the most reliable ones is Google's Webmaster Tools...
  7. Alex

    My Experience Autoblogs are history

    I guess slim to none. Probably none.
  8. Alex

    My Experience Google's affiliate network

    Everyone seems to know or at least has heard of Google's PPC network, AdWords, AdSense etc. Their lesser known network is the Affiliate Network. This is also a great opportunity for webmasters to cash in on their traffic by promoting relevant attractive offers on their web pages. To sign up...
  9. Alex

    My Experience Autoblogs are history

    The days of 100% automation and content scrapping are over. Anyone who is still using completely automated duplicate content websites is not only going to be disappointed at how little or no revenue he is generating, but also risking to lose the AdSense account itself. Appeals rarely work and...
  10. Alex

    My Suggestion Image optimization and bandwidth consumption

    We are definitely living in the hosting "overselling" age which basically means that most of the major hosting companies now offer "unlimited resources" which normally include bandwidth and disk space. We all know that nothing is really unlimited so therefore once we start to consume a...
  11. Alex

    Help Me/Question How Do You Track Site-wide Errors?

    DNS issues, duplicate content, security problems and invalid xhtml are just some of the things that all of us seem to face every once in a while. Tracking these things might not be a difficult task if your website is fairly compact and modest, but what happens when it gets a lot of attention as...
  12. Alex

    My 2 Cents What percentage of keyword density is good

    Yeah... 40 days with our "system" and you're filthy rich! :) "If not, 30 day money back guarantee! If you remember by then, because we'll keep you real busy..." I guess people will continue to fall for these types of things as long as the internet exists.
  13. Alex have you heard of it?

    Heard of it of course, never joined though.
  14. Alex

    My 2 Cents What percentage of keyword density is good

    Common sense is what a lot of people seem to ignore once they get into the whole "let's make a website" and then "let's make google send us more visits!" thing. Perhaps this might be a proof that all of us are corrupted and are just looking for shortcuts all the time? :)
  15. Alex

    Help Me/Question Which is useful for fastest approval adsense account

    This is a funny but a true story because it happened to me, so it's definitely no joke. A couple of years ago when everything was a little bit different, my adsense account was actually approved with a blank domain. No website, no content, no nothing. So it's kinda weird to me to listen about...
  16. Alex

    Neutral Pproblem Hosting With Limited Bandwith

    Sure, but you have to keep in mind that they have a lot of servers and you might had been on a server that was already decently enough used up. For example, I had a couple of really demanding websites with a lot of caching going on, and we're talking about hundreds of thousands of pages of...
  17. Alex

    Directory Submission Tips

    Yes, I believe they are under the condition that you are unable to find a distinct use for them both as a webmaster and as a user. Naturally, I do not have anything against them, but as a user I would have to say that they are completely useless in my case. As a webmaster, it's all about the...
  18. Alex

    What's the purpose of a link directory to you?

    Also, from my strict "user" perspective, none as well. I can't seem to remember using web directories even though I've been online for a long time now.
  19. Alex

    What's the purpose of a link directory to you?

    If we're talking about classic everyday directories, absolutely none. Completely outdated and probably 100% useless in terms of actual ranking gains. The ones that might help would have to be, yahoo's directory or websites of such authority. Everything else, I would say pass on and...
  20. Alex

    Neutral Pproblem Hosting With Limited Bandwith

    Switch to a more reliable hosting company. Hostgator for example gives you unlimited bandwith (not really - everything is limited of course) so you won't have any problems with that in the beginning. However, if your site becomes very popular, you will be facing other issues before the bandwith...