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  1. Alex997

    Help Me/Question Allowing Your Original Content To Be Copied For Additional Exposure

    Hi guys We were approached by a small business advisers website the other day and they asked us to share some of our original accountancy articles with them to publish on their site. This is content already on our website. We are very happy for them to broadcast our accountancy articles...
  2. Alex997

    Help Me/Question Backlinks - Does Targeting Single Keyword Help With Double Keyword Phrases?

    If I am backlink targeting to rank highly for say 'accountants London' with my homepage then does targeting just 'accountants' help does anyone know? ie. if say I rank 9th in Google for 'Accountants London' and dont do any more back-linking on that phrase, but instead start targeting...
  3. Alex997

    Re-wrote whole website in WordPress - Google impact?

    Hi guys I just re-wrote my whole website in WordPress, based on a Premium Theme (Polyon) and using a Premium slider (Pro Slider). Only cost me $50 and the results are amazing! It went live late last night. Anyway, I have placed 301 redirects for all the old...
  4. Alex997 - if all links are paid links then surely google should penalise?

    If all links on the site are now paid links then why isn't Google penalizing the site? Yell wanted to charge us several hundred quid just for a very basic listing - in no-way an 'advert', just a link. So surely this is just a big link-farm??? Spotted a few other places on the web...
  5. Alex997

    Help Me/Question Multiple Sitemaps, Single Domain - Overlap Penalties?

    I currently have 2 sitemaps (and each of those as xml plus xml.gz equivalent). One is generated from the sites main root, the other is auto-generated by WordPress in the /news/blog/ sub-dir. The main one I manually generate whenever a static page is added/updated on the site (ie. not under...
  6. Alex997

    Article: SEO peer review - good or could do better?

    You can view the page at
  7. Alex997

    My Experience Serps Improvement Anyone?

    Though I'd give this a try as I absolutely refuse to pay for links, reciprical linking seems pointless (unless you link from a site with higher PR than you), social media sharing already as much as possible pointing to a new blog section with added quality content every couple of days... so free...
  8. Alex997

    BT hosting on servers in the US

    I noticed today that on bing SERPs if I only search on uk results then our UK based company, with a domain gets filtered. I assume it's due to BT using US based servers to host. Is this something do you think we could do anything about? Google UK SERPs seems unaffected - but maybe...
  9. Alex997

    Part-time webmaster: need help advertizing site/blog

    [First post] Hi guys I installed a self-hosted wordpress blog on my wife's accountancy website a few weeks ago, and have now posted about 10 articles (really good information from both the accountancy firm and it's business partners who provide expert advice). However I really don't...