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    Fun Don't people on here still read books?

    Not many books since college, but I do find myself reading a lot to stay currently in our field. Not sure if that counts, but I am learning always :)
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    My 2 Cents Free web hosting

    Be careful as hosting servers from many home ISPs without paying for business accounts and static IP services can result in termination of service and/or in some cases fines from the ISP. Verify that your provider allows this on their network.
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    My 2 Cents How to choose best web hosting

    These is also cloud based hosting and colocation as options as well as many others. A choice would boil down to one's budget and needs as far as specs. You will also want to pay attention to whether the host is unmanaged, semi-managed or fully managed as that will also affect the price.
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    Hello from ServerDeals!

    Hey all, Joined the site a while back, but am just now becoming a more active user, so I wanted to formally say hello and I hope to both share and gain knowledge on this forums.
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    My Experience Yahoo Mail Users Still Unhappy With The Updated Service

    Its been so long since I've actually logged into mine that I never noticed the changes. mostly use mail clients and phone to check mail, so this was informative since I actually logged in today lol. Thanks.
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    Help Me/Question Looking for window server

    You could also better help the community by listing your exact needs and price range because legitimate Windows hosting can be pricing depending on the specs.
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    Help Me/Question Which Is The Hottest Web Hosting Company These Days?

    UK hosting can be quite a bit more pricey then some other regions because of the cost of colocation and power. Affordable for you would be what price range? 100TB is UK based, but may be slightly out of your range if you are looking for a budget options. Also, remember you get what you pay for...
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    Try deleting site cookies and reloading the forum. This may help if there are any old cached files existing on your computer.