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  1. Deepak Kaushik

    Help Me/Question How to find broken links on your website?

    You can use this tool to find broken links in your website. Free Broken Link Checker - checks your website for bad links / dead links online at
  2. Deepak Kaushik

    Help Me/Question I want to know what is the difference between on-site seo and on-page seo?

    In On-Page, you have to work online i.e. within your website In Off-Page, you have to work offline i.e. building your site backlinks to other websites.
  3. Deepak Kaushik

    SEO for flash???

    Content is only the way nowadays. There are many techniques like Article Marketing, Blog Marketing, Guest Blogging and all, but the point is you have to use fresh content for creating quality backlinks. And yes, your website loading time should not be high.
  4. Deepak Kaushik

    Help Me/Question Indexing issues - search engines are not crawling my inner pages

    If there is one inner page then you can fetch it in Google webmaster tools.
  5. Deepak Kaushik

    Help Me/Question How many character are required for title?

    Now Title tag limit is changed due to increasing font size in Google SERP. It is 57 or 58 characters.
  6. Deepak Kaushik

    Join our Influent Webmasters circle at Google+

    Hey mate, Link is not opening. Have you deleted this post ??
  7. Deepak Kaushik

    Facebook Vs Twitter

    I think for advertising purpose Facebook is quite better than Twitter.
  8. Deepak Kaushik

    Browser problem

    As Evgeniy said, clear cache and history of browser. And also sign out from Gmail if you are logging in.
  9. Deepak Kaushik

    What we can do without Content?

    At present, CONTENT is like a king of SEO. Whatever you are thinking to do to promote website, Content is necessary in every off-page technique.
  10. Deepak Kaushik

    Panda 4 Update

    Be specific, and give some more details about your website like keywords and link. So that, we will able to help you out.
  11. Deepak Kaushik

    Help Me/Question Google+ is second largest social networking site

    Just submit your website link in your profile wall page in "Links" section.
  12. Deepak Kaushik

    My Experience Google launches panda 4.0 update and payday loan 2.0

    Suppose there are 1000 spamming websites then after this update 75 websites were affected ?? Is it ??
  13. Deepak Kaushik

    My Experience Google launches panda 4.0 update and payday loan 2.0

    Hey mate.....What is 7.5% of English queries in this update ??
  14. Deepak Kaushik

    Help Me/Question How you can complete seo for yahoo?

    Just make the use of big and quality websites like Tumblr, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Slashdot and many more.
  15. Deepak Kaushik

    Help Me/Question Press release submission

    Yeah, Press Release is a good way to build backlinks but I think Article is better than PR to generate traffic and high quality backlinks. Any way both are on different on their platforms.
  16. Deepak Kaushik

    My 2 Cents List of blogs that allows guest posting

    Are all these guest posting websites free or paid ?
  17. Deepak Kaushik

    Who to find right keyword for my business site?

    Firstly you need to think as a user point of view, after that you will be able to target keywords in your website.
  18. Deepak Kaushik

    Why are high rankings so important?

    Page Rank is useless for getting traffic. Search Engine Ranking and Social Media marketing is important for getting traffic.
  19. Deepak Kaushik

    What is the estimated time to rank a 10 keywords website ?

    It depends upto the person and content of website. Person who is promoting website must have knowledge of SEO and updated with every update of Google Algorithm.
  20. Deepak Kaushik

    How to set a Goal in Google Analytics ?

    Setting of Goal is too simple. Just go to your Admin Settings and click on Goal. After that create your goal and you can create goals as much as you want.