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    Help Me/Question News Online Dating Signup: Where Do You Get The Most?

    Mine ones are mostly from Search Engines followed by Face Book, Yahoo Answers and You Tube Videos.
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    Tutorial I Am Here To Help Anyone Who Wants To Run His Own Brand Of Dating Site

    Hello Fellow Dating Webmasters, I am here to offer my help to anyone who would like to run his / her own brand of dating sites. This offer is only available to those who are members of this forum. I have a complete White Label Dating Guide Book to offer to you for free. I would have happily...
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    Help Me/Question Seeking Help About Online Dating Business

    I run couple of dating sites myself and trust me I make lots of money from there... dating sites are easy way to make money.
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    Help Me/Question Will you consider purchasing a .co domain instead of a .com?

    It's not only the price but the popularity. I will always prefer .com
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    My 2 Cents Which do you go for? .com or

    I always choose .com but if there is a specific website trageting only UK traffic, then I prefer
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    Help Me/Question Do you use free domain names for your websites?

    I dont work hard on free domain names but if those are my sub domain names, then yes I work on it and try to rank them in search engines.
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    How to submit my articles to different directories?

    best way is to submit manually rather than using softwares as it will look like spam.
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    What are the important factors for seo onsite optimisation?

    Headings [H1.H2.H3 and so on] Meta tags, description, Image alt tag, I have written EBook for optimising dating sites for search engines, if you are interested, let me know and I will send you a link. This techniques can be used for any site.
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    My 2 Cents What percentage of keyword density is good

    Mine one is always between 1.5 % to 3 %. Just want to be on safe side.
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    need seo tips for my site ,thanks

    You have couple of advices from fellow marketeer. In addition to those I woul suggest, you concentrate on social networking sites such as Face Book, Twitter and You Tube. these are some of the great sources of free traffic.
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    Help Me/Question Is It Possible To Do Black Hat Seo Without Spamming?

    I don't think it is advisable to use any balck hat seo as it will be hit by next google updates.
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    My Suggestion Seo, And Images On Your Website

    Alt image is very important to get decent traffic from search engines.
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    My 2 Cents What percentage of keyword density is good

    I always make sure my keyword density is between 1 % - 2 %. I don't over do it.
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    How to get traffic from Facebook?

    the best way is to set up face book page and advertise it.
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    My 2 Cents Funny Video In Youtube About Penguin Update

    Funny one, Now Google has made fewer laugh and fewer cries.
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    My 2 Cents Article: Google Penguin Update Recovery Toolkit

    I am happy to say none of my site was hit with Penguin updates, So I really haven't researched a lot on how to recover.
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    Recent Google updates and the customary running around

    If all your used methods are white hat , then i think you don;t need to worry about it but in case you have used some black hat methods, then such updates can hit those sites.
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    Tutorial Role Of Meta Title Tag In Seo

    Meta tags are always important to be used on your site. It tells search engines what you site is about.
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    Dating sites or social networking site which is best for dating?

    You can meet different type of people on social networking sites but dating sites are more focused specially if you are seeking dating in specific dating niche, such as dating for seniors, single parents, occasional dating, travel dating etc, in such case dating sites are more useful and its...
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    good one, wish yu good luck with your projects.