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    Help Me/Question What is your fav seo tool ?

    I am a fan of SEO Spyglass. I used first the free version but after a short time I was liking it so much that i paid for it.
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    My 2 Cents Mobile Phone Friendly Directory

    yes, looks very funny (small) on my 24" inch screen. You should make it so it shows on other devices/screens as well.
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    Help Me/Question Remove From Google

    You can remove them from the google index by using the google webmaster tool see the webmaster hel page support((dot)googl(dot)com/webmasters/bin/
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    Help Me/Question How to install php/mysql on a pc

    Yes, XAMPP or WAMPP are the easiest ways to install PHP,Apachecand MySQL on your pc. For Macintohh you can use MAMP.
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    HTML website

    You can easily promote them both. the programming language does not matter at all.
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    Directory Links

    The moat important is indeed the link is a do follow link. Also important is PR of the page where you have your link. The PR f the main page is of no importance. Also it is better to submit your link into a niche directory that ir related to your site.
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    Manual Or Automatic Submission?

    I prefer manual submission. It takes more time but it gives me more control.
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    Favourite Programming Language?

    for server side scripting for the web I prefer PHP
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    Free directories PR0 to PR4

    Do you accespt free submissions without reciprocal ?
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    Help Me/Question Domain Name Suggestions

    What kind of site do you want to put on the domain ? It all depends on this.
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    Just Gossip How Will Life Be Without Internet

    I remember the world without internet. As IT support it is much more easy to find information about problems, etc. At the other hand everybody is spending so much time on the internet that they sometimes forget 'normal' life
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    seeking for review

    The loading speed is good here in Belgium,
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    3 Free Link Directory FAST APPROVE!!

    Tnanks for sharing your directories
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    Directory Submission worth it?

    I think it is still worthed. I am buildin backlinks trough directories a lot and it works. You just need to ensure you post it in the right category and use keywords in the anchor text (title of the submission)