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    Special Offer $2.95/mo Web Hosting Deal From

    Globat is offering a Free Domain + Hosting for $2.95/month USE THE COUPON CODE: MYNEWIDEA
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    Asking Advice What Do You Do To Relieve Stress?

    This topic came to mind when I read @challengewriter 's status that she had a stressful week, well now its public knowledge so I hope she doesn't mind I am mentioning it here. What kind of work/job do you do? Like student, carpenter or web designer. Do you perform multiple jobs usually? Does...
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    Announcement Win Cash! Content Writing Competition Year End 2015

    WebmasterServe Forums is now running a Year End 2015 Writers Competition with cash prizes to be won in almost every forum category. This is a quick way to earn some cash by posting an informative article in one of our categories. Read below to learn more about deadlines, who can participate...
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    Solved/Closed Does Anyone Notice The Forum Going Offline Intermittently?

    While browsing WMS sometimes I find the forum giving errors and not loading at all and my browser is unable to find the website. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this in the past few days? The server location was moved from US to Europe and I am not sure if this issue is happening...
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    Announcement Write for us & get paid!

    We are always looking for good writers and gurus for each forum and section on WMS. Members who can write English articles longer than 500 words and include images, graphs or data and provide informative relevant and fresh content for WMS community are invited to apply. This invitation is only...
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    My 2 Cents What Is The Point Of Google Plus?

    To most webmasters, Google Plus or G+ needs absolutely no introduction. Some of use have been using it to share stuff, drive traffic to our website and use the local business feature to get out business on Google Map locally. Some people, especially those relatively new to webmastering do...
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    Right to be forgotten form set up by Google

    Following EU ruling that allows individuals to request that personal details is remove for Google search result, Google has launched a service to allow Europeans to ask for personal data to be removed from online search results. Links to "irrelevant" and outdated data should be erased...
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    Help Me/Question Phpbb Forum, What Do You Do With It?

    I have recently taken over a phpBB forum. Its a fantastic forum software but I have not used it in maybe 10 years or so. I notice that the url are still not SEO friendly in phpBB and many new innovation other forums has implemented over the years seem to still be lacking on phpBB. Anyone out...
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    UK economy growing at last 0.6% expansion recorded

    The UK economy grew by 0.6% in the three months to June, according to official figures. The figure was in line with market expectations, and is up from 0.3% growth in the previous quarter. Output grew in all of the construction, manufacturing and services sectors It...
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    Help Me/Question Which Is The Hottest Web Hosting Company These Days?

    I have not been in the market for a hosting company for a long time, I used to host every thing with hostgator but I am not a bit feedup with them. I would prefer a UK based hosting company, who is hot in UK these days? a company that offer good reliable hosting at affordable prices? Thanks
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    News/ Info Biggest cyber attack in histry slows the internet down

    Apparently the largest cyber attacked in history was launched today according to Internet security experts. Apparently an argument between spam fighting group and web hosting firms has boil overt into cyber attacks and retaliatory attacks. cyber-police-forces including forces from the UK...
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    Facebook Likes and Fake user profiles revealed by BBC investigation

    A BBC investigation suggests companies are wasting large sums of money on adverts to gain "likes" from Facebook members who have no real interest in their products. It also appears many account holders who click on the links have lied about their personal details. A security expert has...
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    My 2 Cents Sold For $0.5 Million

    I could not believe my eyes when I read that Digg was sold for 500,000. How are the mighty fallen, here is an except from the report about the same of Digg: Digg Inc., a social-media pioneer once valued at more than $160 million, is selling for the deeply discounted price of about $500,000...
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    UK 3G Network Expected to struggle with Olympics data demand

    With Millions of people expected in London for the Olympics with most of them using their smartphone and tablet computer to record the games the are watching and sending it to their loved onees, some will even stream events life whilst the Facebook addicts will be uploading multimedia files to...
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    My Experience Dp Marketplace Being Killed By Resellers?

    One of the best marketplace online for webmasters is the Marketplace at Digital Point. It is quite easy to post stuff you want to sell or browse the forum for stuff you want to buy without complicating registration process like you have at eBay or other marketplace. It seem the simplicity...
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    Help Me/Question Has Penguin Update Made You Get More Link Removal Request?

    Has penguin update made you get more link removal request? Ever since the penguin update the number of people asking that their website is removed from web directories has increase. I think webmasters are pretty confused by the effect or listing in a directory have on their website ranking...
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    Fun How many email addresses do you have?

    These days you need an awful lot of email addresses, not just to communicate but to access some services the provider insist you use their own email address for example trying to create an account on blogspot you must have a Google Email address. All this sometimes makes a webmaster have...
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    Best Ecommerce Software List - Add your ecommerce application to the list

    For those of you who are thinking of starting and ecommerce website, here are some of the ecommerce software you can find on the market at the moment. If you have developed and ecommerce software of script, we invite you to suggest it for inclusion on this list. If you have also use any of...
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    Does adding the logo of a newspaper on your site increase your sale?

    I read somewhere that adding "As Seen On TV" on the packaging of a product increase its sale. Recently, I notice a few websites with "Featured in theguardian" or Independent and other newspapers on their homepage. My question is, does placing a well known newspaper logo on your website...
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    Facebook forcing users to use email address

    A significant number of Facebook users are angry at the company for switching their default email address from whatever they gave Facebook originally or example to . Facebook watchers said the move was design to make users visit the site...