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  1. SeanRiley

    Where do you target your campaing?

    But usually targeted audience clicking only 1st 10 result and they will get required data on that pages only..then why should focus on 11 and 12 page.Is it reliable to make your ads or PPC on that 11 and 12th page?
  2. SeanRiley

    My Experience Google knows how to avoid accidental clicks in mobile ads

    That's a good way to deal with that unwanted ads,there should be setting in mobile phones too.....
  3. SeanRiley

    Help Me/Question Necessity adwords certification

    To become qualified, professionals on Google Adwords, must demonstrate an in-depth understanding of AdWords by passing exams.Google AdWords Certified Partners are not Google's employees, but rather are online marketing professionals, agencies, and other individuals such as search engine...
  4. SeanRiley

    Does PPC advertising work for you?

    PPC work only posting our site's ads in niche wise web pages and with active email,so before going to hire a PPC provider just search about that companies works.PPC is a valuable area of Ecommerce and best way to earn money from PPC.
  5. SeanRiley

    Increasing Quality Score

    What is CTR ? Can anyone elaborate about this?:oops: