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    Removing Links From A Website

    Hello, I have come across a website which links to one of my clients with anchor text in a footer. I'm really keen to have this removed but I just cannot find a way to contact the site webmaster. Any ideas? I have noticed that the website is not currently...
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    URL Mistakes

    Hello, An interesting dilemma, one of my websites is now appearing at the top of Google for all terms relating to boutique hotels in a specific UK city. However, I've just realised I creatd the url incorrectly, it has the word "hotel" "in" and the city name mentioned twice in the url. The url...
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    Samsung's New Galaxy - goodbye Google? Is this the sign of things to come, I've thought for a while that sites like Amazon and Ebay are pretty powerful search engines in their own right. With a company like Samsung, if they corner the market in phones, then I guess they will dictate...
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    Can McAfee Secure improve SEO?

    Is it possibile that Google could penalise a website for a lack of any security notifications etc. McAfee state in promotional blurb as well: In addition, you will receive listings in our merchant directory ( and our McAfee...
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    Order Printing Software

    Hello, Bit of a strange request but one of my clients is looking for a program or company that can print off orders from a website automaticaly and do an end of day total. Needs to be able to cope with high volume i.e. several hundred orders a day. Any help appreciated on this.
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    Google Automated Meta Title Changes

    I have noticed on a few of my websites and a client's site that the meta title has suddenly changed? Very peculiar.. it seems that if you have the following title: A Great Website Selling Great Stuff | The Great Website ( It now reads in Google: The Great Website: A...
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    Majestic-12 - What is it?

    Hi, I own a forum and I noticed a member browsing the forum, who is not registered, that is to say they do not exist as far as I can see, but they are showing up in the who is online section.. their name is Majestic-12 [Bot] I did a search and found this: Does...
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    Feedback Article: Ip Address Blacklisted As Spam?

    You can view the page at
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    IP Address Blacklisted as Spam?

    Hello community, I haven't posted for a while here but I have a question which I wondered if anyone here would know anything about as it is beyond my own realms of understanding. I send out emails from time to time with a view to garner some new web links or articles, no more than ten or...
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    Help Me/Question Old Back Links Affecetd By Penguin Etc.

    Hello. I have a client who upgraded his shopping cart and upgraded hundreds of old urls to clean versions via redirects around the end of April 2012. The site dropped dramatically for many of his keywords. I assumed it was simply that Google did not like the upgrade in some way or another. So...
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    Help Me/Question Shopping Cart Product Meta Data?

    Hello all, just wondered what you thoughts are on shopping cart products and meta data. Is it really worth going through every product and individually adding a title, description and keywords? Or is it just as good to leave those fields blank, I think if you do this the search engine will...
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    Help Me/Question Keywords Drop After Shopping Cart Upgrade?

    Hello, well I'm looking for some advice/thoughts on an SEO project I've been working on with a client. We recently upgraded their E-commerce shopping cart to a newer version, the old urls were built up of various keywords but they were combined with numbers and random letters. After the...
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    Google Glasses to be released 2012

    Just wondered if anyone on here has been taking note and following progress of the new Google Glasses which are about to be released, well, hopefully in time for Xmas 2012. It's Google's X Team who have been developing them and the potential is actually quite scary, it will incorporate...
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    News/ Info The internet millionaires' club

    I listened to this BBC programme the oother day and thought of Webmasterserve Community. The Internet Millionaires' Club Enjoy :)
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    Google Plus Confusion

    Hello, I have my own personal Google + account, which I have got to grips with, great! So I started two Google + business accounts, I think I was logged into my personal account when I did this. It transpires that I do not seem to have a login/out area for the business accounts and as such I...
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    How to set Google + posts to private?

    Does anyone know please? I don't want the posts on my profile public. Also if I do set these to private, do you think it will redue any SEO benefit to pages linked to from there. Hope that makes sense lol.
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    Google + Account Ranks Quite High

    My Google + account now ranks quite high for my name, this got me thinking... if I'm promoting a product or service, would it be possible to start a Google + account and name it something similar or close to that product and use it as a lever to drag up the official product or page I'm...
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    Google + and reviews of businesses.

    I've noticed that a lot of people are setting up Google accounts just so that they can leave feedback on busiensses, has anybody elsenoticed this? Could be a big draw for Google +
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    Dating Blog Posts & Relationship Related Wesbites required.

    Hello, I'm looking for quality well written blogs or websites relating to relationships and dating for either link exchange or to purchase for a small but realistic price. The work could be on going for two sites, so it would not just be a one off but I am quite particular about where I...
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    Homepage Vs /index.php

    Hello, sorry about this. A very basic question and I can't get my head around it. I have a website with the following urls: The content is exactly the same, what is the difference? Are they two separate pages? When carrying out SEO which one should I point...