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    Selling New Inexpensive Statistics Downloader

    Need an alternative to Statsremote and Niftystats? I'm releasing a simple Windows program (beta release) that downloads a screenshot from your affiliate program's stats page. Save yourself time from logging in to each sponsor, and let the program download your statistics automatically. Get...
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    Best Webcam Affiliate Program

    Adult Webmaster Empire (AWE) is the Best Webcam Affiliate Program Running Today For every new member that signs up from your website: You get Up to $300 ! You can't beat those payments. In addition to the payments, you get: Access to a great set of marketing tools for your website...
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    To blog or not to blog?

    Wordpress was mentioned by the OP in 2007. It was the most popular platform then, and it still is today, with a multitude of plugins and developers. Although it is a little cluttered from a UI perspective, it has many powerful features.
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    Newbie needing help please

    Do a search for "on page SEO". You are focusing on some good areas, but there are more points to look at.
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    I've made a website, now what?

    Promotion can be difficult. Make sure your site is something you are passionate about. If not, make a website about something you are very interested in. It also helps if your site is something that many people are drawn to also. You can measure demand with google adwords keyword tool is the...
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    Twitter or Facebook ???

    Build traffic and relationships from both. I prefer twitter myself.
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    News/ Info More Than 10,000 Indoor Floor Plans Are Available In Google Maps

    I think you mean floor "plans". This sounds like an interesting feature.
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    Help Me/Question Why Do You Guest Blog?

    It gives your own site more exposure and increases your brand or name reputation.
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    Benefits of the forum post :-

    Forums are good for backlinks (traffic). You should be careful as far as SEO is concerned. Forums are great for connecting and getting leads.
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    Top 10 Twitter tips and tricks

    There are a lot of gimmicks out there that are very interesting. A recent one says something to the effect, If I get 1M retweets i'll run on the basketball court and try to get a hi-5. (currently has 75,000 retweets)
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    How to increase Twitter followers

    Revisit all the basic things you can do with twitter namely, follow, unfollow, DM, retweet, and favorite. Do a search for popular twitter tools that have search functions to find your topic audience. Follow your competitors followers.
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    SEO is NOT a waste of money, how do you go about it?

    SEO is an important part of promotion. Whether it's by word of mouth, paid advertising, diy SEO or paid SEO through a manager.
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    Key solution of learning: Online tutoring

    Youtube and other tutorial video sites are incredibly powerful teaching tools. Kids today have no idea what kind of information access they have available, in contrast to what existed a few decades ago.
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    Microsoft to discontinue Windows Live Messenger, replace it with Skype
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    Microsoft to discontinue Windows Live Messenger, replace it with Skype

    Wow, this is strange news. When did Skype become proprietary?
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    I am newbie

    Thanks Evgeniy. Glad to be here. Where is Poltava?
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    Help Me/Question How To Get More Visitors Using Blogspot Site??

    A lot of people use google friend connect on their blogs. Try meeting people with similar blogs and share things through social media.
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    Help Me/Question Blogger - Can It Be Successful?

    It doesn't matter if it is blogger or your own hosting, you still need good quality content + great quality link relationships to increase your PR. You might get a headstart with a blogger site because the domain is reputable, but that doesn't make your site better.
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    My Suggestion Is Closing Blog Comments A Good Idea?

    Keep comments open. Use Akismet. Keep spammy comments off your blog even if comment links are no-followed by default.
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    My Experience What Inspire You To Blog

    Writers block makes things difficult. You have to blog about things that you enjoy and have a genuine interest in.