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    NodePacket LLC - Most Affordable and Reliable SSD VPS w/ 1GB Port - 75% OFF!

    NodePacket, LLC NodePacket, LLC, is an American company incorporated in the State of Kansas. We provide high-flying performance-focused hosting services at a reasonable price. We do so while maintaining superior customer service. We take pride in what we do. Our customer support...
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    Help Me/Question What factor do you consider when choosing a web host

    We need to checkout that which hosting company is provide the ultimate support, i am sorry but do not go with cheap and free hosting, even some hosting companies are their with cheap and free hosting who will provide a best support, before we buy we need to confirm which is best for us,
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    Help Me/Question Looking for discounts

    Security and strong technical support are much more crucial than price as it can ruin your buisness reputation if you choose a wrong host. You would end up loosing a much higher amount than what you tried to save initally.
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    My 2 Cents Free web hosting

    Yes it is good to test and function in local environement but cannot connect to internet such thing can be complex
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    Help Me/Question Need vps with openvz virtualization

    You can check reviews and VPS offer section for the good value.
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    Help Me/Question Does anyone know of any good hosting service that can host multiple domain?

    Some companies are very big and some are small. There are some scams in the small companies so you will need to be careful while going to small and low priced companies. I'm also doing business of web hosting and providing multiple websites in one cpanel.
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    Neutral Bluehost vs hostgator?

    Both companies are great. What I like about Hostgator is that the quality of technical support and hosting is personally controlled by the owner of the company.Both companies are great. What I like about Hostgator is that the quality of technical support and hosting is personally...
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    i want tips for increasing page like on facebook

    You can also promote your fb page to your other social media account. You should also update your facebook page timeline on a regular basis with new posts, updates, pictures, interesting news and polls
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    What is the best way to add free Twitter followers?

    Its always best to re-tweet from those you follow. Post topics from legitimate news and tech sites. Create your own tech news and updates or just elaborate on current news. I ususally like re-tweeting from masheable or lifehacker just to name a couple.
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    Facebook, Google+ and YouTube the biggest social networks in Q1 2013

    Facebook is largest social networking website and it gives lots of traffic whereas Google Plus is good for SEO point of view because it gives dofollow links to our website.
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    What is difference between SMO and SMM?

    SMO include blog commenting, social bookmarking, social networking, video and photo sharing.SMM is paid advertisement of these social networking sites like facebook ads.
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    How to increase traffic on blog???

    If you need massive traffic and very quick page rank,you can get the Search Engine Visibility service, this will promote your blog in many ways like submitting your blog in many search engines,directories ,generating keywords etc. This is very good and professional SEO service.
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    How many characters in Facebook Wall posting

    I do not know of limitation on the character in the facebook. if this is so everybody know about it very quickly. so we dont have to worry about it. we can write as we want in character
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    What are rich snippets?

    Rich Snippets provide a small sample of a site's content on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
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    Social bookmarking for seo

    Social Bookmarking is most effective for's Easy to crawl the website by the Google and any other search engine. and site will be indexed by the Google and other search engine.