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  1. DavidAmerland

    A Google+ presence provides advantage in search rankings

    For those looking to gain some traction on search engine rankings and increase their profile on search as well as improve their website's position a Google+ presence is now a must. I recently explained how Google+ feeds Google's soial seach It also provides cues to organic search and will soon...
  2. DavidAmerland

    Google+ Invite

    Anyone who wants a Google+ invite just PM me with your Gmail and I will send you one.
  3. DavidAmerland

    My Experience Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing can really help your small business take off but for that you need to use it properly. I have created a small blog post which details what you should be thinking about when you integrate social media marketing in your business marketing model.
  4. DavidAmerland

    Join our SEO Contest learn and win cash prizes!

    The proof of any pudding is ultimately in the eating and SEO is no different. The SEO Contest organised by Webmasterserve is designed to help you learn new SEO techniques on the fly, exchange knowledge, tips and ideas and win cash prizes. Join now and spread the good news to your friends!
  5. DavidAmerland

    Article: How Linking building helps

    You can view the page at
  6. DavidAmerland

    Neutral The quality of your hosting is vital to seo

    Hosting is so complex and we, as users, understand so little of it and get to see so little of what it does that we often consider it as an afterthought and make a choice based on price. This can no longer be the case (it never should have been to tell the truth). The latest Google filter to be...
  7. DavidAmerland

    Not new but new to this look

    I am not that new to this forum anymore but I have been away for a while and love the new look plus it seems the community here is beginning to thrive. Glad to be back.
  8. DavidAmerland

    Trying out something new

    Hi there. I am totally new here in terms of participating though I have been active on forums and the web in both SEO, marketing and development since 1995. I do not usually mess with forums because they end up being talking shops where fallacies and the internet equivalent of urban myths get...