1. echoinnovateit

    My Experience Outsourcing App Development

    Mobile apps today are among the most significant trends in the business world. Ever since the onset of mobile computing and smartphone technology, the scope of mobile apps has gradually grown to involve a wide array of applications, and relating services. Enterprise mobile apps are now quite...
  2. echoinnovateit

    My Suggestion 10 Ways To Improve Your Mobile App

    We all need our apps to perform better, to get more downloads and make more money. Google tells us that over 1 million Android devices are activated each day; certainly, it can’t be that hard to get 1 million downloads right? Right? If you are in the Android app Development Company before you...
  3. S

    My Experience Gps Route Finder Navigation

    GPS Route Finder Navigation is really beneficial for way finding. GPS navigation free travel locator app gives you easy GPS route maps for androids. Download this app and enjoy its benefits. Now you can plan your trips without any issue of not knowing the right address. Even in new city or...
  4. Olivia750

    My Suggestion [free Android App]easy Mehndi Design Videos 2016

    Easy mehndi designs videos step by step is free android hinna (mehndi) designs app that contains videos of creating Arabic , bridal and many more mehndi designs step by step. It also contains videos of henna designs of feet, hands also this app contains mehndi designs for eid , wedding and party...
  5. sunshine

    News/ Info Top 5 Android Vpn Apps

    Virtual private network is an influential and helpful tool which can be used for a lot of reasons. It can be used for securing your WI-FI connection, hide your own IP, getting an IP address of any other country, viewing the websites that are blocked in your country or some other purpose. There...
  6. dcristo

    Asking Advice Meditation Apps For Android

    Have you got any you could recommend? Preferably a free app.
  7. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question Programming For Android App Development.

    I want to learn android app development. I searching online and off line instructor of android development. Which one is best for learning Offline course and online course. I found there are more opening in the company for android app developer. So I plan to learn android app development course...
  8. Pooja Sharma

    Seeking Reviews Download Youtube Videos Using Tubemate In Android

    While watching videos , we come to some videos that are useful or have any social message, and we wish to download them. But we are unable to download these videos as we are using cellphones and there is no direct software that can help you to download the videos. Recently , I installed Tubemate...
  9. Aires

    Help Me/Question Android Development: Useful Libraries

    Is their any member here who are working as an android developer? In this thread we will post all libraries that are helpful in creating android apps. Just like Volley libraries which is basically a networking libraries.
  10. networld

    Help Me/Question Android Or Ios – Which One Is Your Favorite Mobile Os And Why?

    I am a big fan of Android phones and I feel very comfortable with it. To be frank I never used an iOS phone till now. I have never seen people using iOS phone around. Everybody is after Android devices. I think the simple reason why a person like Android is the number of options it offers. You...
  11. sunshine

    Fun Top 10 Free Android Games

    Everybody loves android games on smartphones and interesting free android games always consider the best way to spend your valuable time in your rest time. These games are quite good to play as compared to usual free online games which provides limited access to players, and their best features...
  12. cheezcarls

    My 2 Cents 4 Ways To Earn Passive Income With Mobile Marketing

    Mobile marketing has grown significantly nowadays. You know why? It is because millions of people are using mobile phones everyday. Study shows that mobile phones are mostly used by millions of people than any other electronic gadgets. Basically, mobile phones are used for calling and texting...
  13. networld

    Just Gossip Why android phones are more popular than ios phones?

    It is a known fact that Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world. What are the reasons for Android becoming the number one people's choice? - Android has large number of handset models to choose from. - There is something for everybody starting from a high-tech customer to a noob -...