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    Selling Difference between vulnerability and threat

    The threat can be anything due to which vulnerability can be exploited. It is done intentionally or accidentally so as to obtain unauthorized access to a system, or to damage a system or infrastructure, or to destroy any asset. Whereas Vulnerability is a weakness or security gap in a program...
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    Selling Can a browser extension infect your device with malware?

    An extension could be completely malicious if it is a third-party browser extension. To resolve this issue, extensions require permissions, and not all browsers prompt the user to grant permissions. Therefore, hackers target these extensions. One more reason is that these browser extensions...
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    Selling Best cyber security service provider

    As the number of cybercrimes is continuously increasing it is important for the individual as well as a business or an organization to strengthen the security of their systems and infrastructures. There are a number of cybersecurity service providers, but securelayer7 is the fast-growing company...
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    Selling trending topics in web security

    The biggest cybersecurity concern is data breaches, which will continue until data remains valuable, so improving web application security is a top priority. Another concern is the need for cybersecurity professionals. Cloud security concerns need to be looked after i.e. to rethink our approach...
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    Selling Which test cases are executed by SecureLayer7 while pen testing a web application?

    SecureLayer7 security experts create test cases based on the business logic of the application, technology i.e. languages and databases used, user roles, features, input fields, third party integrations, OWASP top 10, SANS 25. A few of the most common test cases applicable are as follows- XML...
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    Selling What is the future of computing?

    Cloud computing is just a part of computing and one should not underestimate the influence of some other technologies which are continuously evolving in the recent years and also shaping up the future of computing, when interacting with the web for example - the Internet of things (IoT)...
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    Selling Some common security mistakes

    The following are some common security mistakes: Using a weak password for all the accounts. Avoid taking backups Not knowing how to use email attachments or downloads Disabling firewall Not encrypting the data. Sharing account information with others.
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    Selling Want to review firewall configuration?

    Are you looking for the best firewall configuration review services? then please visit: https://securelayer7.net/device/firewall-configuration-review
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    Selling Is your website compromised by malware?

    Discover the hacks and malware on your website by contacting SecureLayer7 - Penetration Testing Company & CyberSecurity Services! Please visit: Website Security Services | WordPress Website Malware Removal Service to check out all the malware removal service plans.
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    Selling Web Server Security | Linux Server Hardening | Centos Hardening - SecureLayer7

    The server hardening process is required for enhancing server security using a variety of means. It is possible to accomplish a more secure server operating environment by deploying advanced security measures during the server's hardening process. If you have any questions or suggestions for...
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    Selling Website Malware Removal Service - SecureLayer7

    SecureLayer7’ team of dedicated researchers and analysts provide the best malware removal service around. We use innovative methodologies to check your website to identify vulnerabilities, flaws, and security issues present inside. We like complex malware infections, and there are no extra...
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    Selling Have you been hacked?

    Have you been hacked? Get help = Penetration Testing Services & CyberSecurity Solutions - SecureLayer7
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    Selling What does SecureLayer7 offers with SAP security?

    SecureLayer7 offers the following services with SAP security: SAP Security Assessment, SAP penetration testing, SAP custom source code audit, SAP network security assessment, SAP database security assessment, and SAP server assessment. For more information please visit: SAP Security & SAP...
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    Selling Are you looking for server hardening professional?

    The server hardening process is required for enhancing server security using a variety of means. It is possible to accomplish a more secure server operating environment by deploying advanced security measures during the server's hardening process. If you have any questions or suggestions for...
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    Selling Web security testing attributes

    Security testing needs to cover the following attributes: Authentication and Authorization Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability Non-repudiation and Resilience
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    Selling Known attacks to be considered while writing smart contracts

    Points of known attacks to consider when writing smart contracts: Reentrancy, reentrancy on a single function, cross-function reentrancy, etc.
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    Selling Wi-Fi security assessment

    The Wireless Security Assessment is a vis-à-vis of the bigger concept of 'Security Assessment' that looks after the complete security of an organization by performing assessments like Source Code Review, Infrastructure Assessment, or Application Assessment, etc.
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    Selling Three pillars of cybersecurity

    The three pillars of cybersecurity are: 1. Confidentiality 2. Integrity 3. Availability
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    Selling Security tips for your home wi-fi network

    The following tips can help secure your home Wi-Fi network from various cyber threats: Assign a new name to your home wi-fi and use a strong password, turn on network encryption, never share the name of your wi-fi network with others, regularly update your router's software, install good...
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    Many of us want to know the root cause of security vulnerabilities found in web applications, here is a chance to learn it. Attend a free webinar that focuses on Secure Coding practices that will help organizations secure Web Applications against cyber attacks. Details of the webinar include...