app development

  1. Paul141

    My Suggestion Characteristics of a good logo

    The logo design consists of a number of forms, typography, symbols, colors and values of the company it represents. This is an element that is present in every action or message carried out by the company. At all times, the logo is the most recognizable aspect of the company's image.
  2. echoinnovateit

    Help Me/Question Benefits Of Mobile App Development

    Mobile apps are a great way to reach out to potential customers. You can enhance the experience of your customers by building the best mobile app. Some of the benefits of a mobile app development are: Gives more value to the customer Customers don’t have to wait Reduces cost and increases...
  3. PrashantD

    Hiring with Pay Android/ios/windows Phone Or Phonegap Developer

    Hi folks, I'm looking for someone who is proficient in mobile app development. I want an application to be developed and it is not a game. Please reply back with examples of previous work or portfolio. Include Skype/Gtalk if possible. Thanks!