article writing

  1. Kristen Brown

    Help Me/Question How To Write Good Content/article For My Blog?

    Hello, I Have a blog on lifestyle related, but there have no good content. Can you give me any suggestion for effective article of my blog? Advance thanks.
  2. T

    Tutorial 20 Tips That Will Help You Write Quality Articles

    Choose the topic. The first thing you should be clear about is what you want to talk about, the most logical thing is to write about something you know well, otherwise, you will have to invest a previous time in documenting yourself. Write always on a solid knowledge base. It provides useful...
  3. nangnan

    Tutorial The Importance Of Updating The Website With Articles

    Creating articles of interest and quality will affect your website or blog more in search engines than other SEO factors. The reader will be able to know and rate a good post when they view the article and may direct other readers to the post as well. Can go through share of blog post, share to...
  4. Muhammad Rizwan

    Tutorial How To Get Visitors Attention And Make Them Read Your Article?

    Blogging is a vast field and many new people are joining it day by day. Some of them love blogging and write articles themselves. They spend hours on writing the article, but what if people don’t like it? If the visitors won’t read the article, all the efforts are in vain. At this stage, some...
  5. networld

    Help Me/Question Is It Good To Focus On Ever-green Topics?

    As you know ever green topic will never die as its relevance will remain forever. Some common examples of ever green topics are health & fitness, parenting, home remedies etc. But is it wise to focus on ever green topics in article writing? Will it give enough audience on a day to day basis...
  6. cheezcarls

    Help Me/Question Best Free Content Curation Tools?

    Hello everyone! I have a question to ask. I know content curation is effective nowadays, but do you guys have any idea on what would be the best free content curation tools that I can use in the internet. I know it's simple to search for them on Google, but I am not really sure if it does meet...
  7. skylimit

    Tutorial Top 10 Legit Sites That Will Pay You To Write Content Online

    Top 10 Legit Sites that will Pay You to Write Content Online Looking to get paid for writing? You need to look at these top 10 websites that pays you good money to write content. It's simple, you have to stick to there rules and generate high quality content. If you think you can generate...