1. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Bbpress Forum By Wordpress

    bbPress is free, open source forum software built on top of WordPress. It can be installed as a WordPress plugin into a WordPress powered website. Unlike older forum software, it is not clunky and doesn’t take up a lot of resources. This means it is easier to add a forum to your WordPress site...
  2. dcristo

    Help Me/Question Is Bbpress A Decent Forum Software Option?

    I have considered using bbPress for basic forum websites due to its integration with WordPress, but have no experience with it. Have you used it? What were your impressions of the forum software?
  3. rockymeets

    Help Me/Question Does Anyone Know Bbpress Plugins Come With Word Blocker?

    Hey all, I came across a plugin for bbpress forum on WP that blocks abuse, explicit & erotic word usage on your forum. Whether you are a dating site forum, a forum with teens on it or something that is not in accordance with your country laws, you can use that plugin. Anyone knows any...