1. sunshine

    News/ Info Baidu's Chief Scientist Believes Self-driving Cars Could Be Ready Before 2020

    There seems to be uncertainty about self-driving vehicles being ready to hit the road in 2020, the task several automobile makers have targeted. Andrew Ng expects these new self-driving vehicles will be rolled out by 2019 and mass-produced by 2021. In past January 2016, a Consumer Electronics...
  2. sunshine

    News/ Info The Bugatti Chiron Is The World’s Fastest Road Car

    The Bugatti Chiron has introduced world's fastest car, confirmed by Bugatti President Wolfgang Durheimer at the presentation of the car today at the Geneva Motor Show. The average speed of this latest car is 261 mph in road mode, if all the limitations lifted the car should go significantly...
  3. K

    Fun Atlas Robot From Boston Dynamics Shown Walking, Picking Up Boxes

    Google's Boston Dynamics presents the Next Generation Atlas Robot. Google's Boston Dynamics has revealed the latest version of its humanoid bipedal robot "Atlas." Boston Dynamics has released a Video showing this new Atlas Robot which is capable of striding through snow, picking up boxes...