1. T

    My 2 Cents Do You Use Bitcoin As A Payment Method?

    Bitconic dropped down, are you still using bitcon as a payment method?
  2. P

    Help Me/Question Bitcoin Is One Of The Most Popular Item In These Days

    Bitcoin is one of the most popular item in these days,I also have some of the bitcoins. I want to save it with safety. my friend told me about physical bitcoin wallet. It's calling trezor. anybody do you know about it?
  3. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Microsoft Do Sorry For The Confusion And Announced We Still Accept Bitcoin

    Microsoft stated that we continue to accept "bitcoin", the virtual currency for adding money to your Microsoft Account, which can be used for buying content in the Windows and Xbox stores. They more clarify that we apologize and truly sorry for inaccurate information that was accidentally posted...
  4. cheezcarls

    My Experience Blockchain Payment Processor

    Hello guys! Have you tried Blockchain payment processor? I think they are a very decent and legit Bitcoin payment processor that I've ever used. When I want to have a balance added to my Blockchain payment processor, I used a third party currency exchange site called (exclusive for...