1. L

    Tutorial These Proven steps that will awaken the writer within you

    Some people have a knack for writing others hate writing. I was the other type until 2 years ago. At school I used to hate essay classes, I wasn’t good at expressing my thoughts and emotions on a piece of paper. For many years, I believed that writing isn’t for everyone. Sure, you are wondering...
  2. A

    Help Me/Question Best Guest Posting Sites

    Hello! Suggest me Some Best Guest Posting Sites That Should be Insstant Approvel
  3. Monica Chortle

    Solved/Closed Wix Or Wordpeass

    Hey guy's , I want to know which are better for SEO ?
  4. hellova3

    My Experience 9 Tips For Boost Your Writing Skills

    Writing has become a new trend these days. A lot of people has taken this skill as a passion and to some extent as a profession. So those who are a professional writer they need to follow a certain standard of writing. To become a successful writer, it is quite important to maintain the...
  5. Zirkon Kalti

    My 2 Cents What Is A Blog Farm

    Blog farm is used specifically for link building purposes. In a blog farm, the content is uploaded via central CMS and published across all the participating blogs. Some blog farms host their blogs on various C class IP servers to prevent the search engine from thinking that the blog network is...
  6. Zirkon Kalti

    My 2 Cents What Is A Private Blog Network

    Private blog network is a blog network such as, where people can create free blogs. Free blogs are not as powerful compared to self hosted blogs. The private blog network is usually consists of expired domains that was used before. The reason is that expired domain is...
  7. Zirkon Kalti

    Tutorial 8 Tips On How To Seo Optimize Your Wordpress Blog

    You must do much more than just pressing the Publish button after writing your post if you want to compete with other websites on the SERPs ranking. The following are a few tips on how to optimize your Wordpress blog. 1. XML Sitemap First of all you must install the XML sitemap plugin and...
  8. Hrishi Vardhan

    My Experience An Update On The Webmaster Central Blog

    You may have noticed the Google Webmaster Central blog has a new address: .
  9. niranjan kumar

    Help Me/Question I Have A Blog And I Want To Earn From By Blog.

    I am listen form my friends affiliate marketing is a good way to make money from blog and website. But i don't know how can i make money form blog and website. In my blog approx 1.6 lakh visitor in a month.
  10. sunshine

    Hiring with Pay Few Good Sites That Pay You To Write Or Blog

    If you’ve a good confidence to write and have always had a dream to see your work online, but don’t want to manage or start a blog to feature all your writing work, you why not write for a blog or publication and get paid for it? In this post, we’ve mentioned few good sites that will pay you for...
  11. sunshine

    My Suggestion How To Increase Domain Authority Of A Website / Blog Quickly & Fast

    Dear Friends! DA/PA, Domain authority and Page authority are one of the most important factors which indicates where you blog posts and pages rank in search engine shows. The domain authority of a blog or website above 35 or 40 is considered as good. The higher the domain authority of a site the...
  12. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question How To Make A Wordpress Blog Secure From Hackers Attacks

    I have had a lot of encounters where the hackers hack my blog so I would like to know what can I do to prevent them from hacking into my blog. I don't know how they find out about my WordPress blog passwords or cPanel passwords but they just managed to hack it.
  13. selvaa

    Tutorial 8 Tips To Writing Captivating Blog Posts

    8 tips to writing Captivating blog posts For a good blog post the necessary things are good idea or topic, accurate spelling and grammar, and a strong mastery of the essay form. But for an awesome blog that will make the reader to share them you have to do some more things. Given below are...
  14. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Tutorial How To Place Post Title Before Blog Title

    Follow the steps to place post title before blog title. •Sign in to blogger. •Go to template>edit html>proceed. •Now find this html code. <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>And replace it with this. <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'><title><data:blog.pageName/> |...
  15. masterbusiness

    Tutorial Why Are Private Blog Networks Considered Bad For Backlinks?

    Why Are Private Blog Networks Considered Bad for Backlinks? The Search Engine Optimization world is divided on whether Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are worth the effort or not. There are those who swear by PBNs while there are those would not touch it with a ten-foot pole. Those who are wary of...
  16. Asifur Rahman Rakib

    Help Me/Question Can I Use Rewriting Articles In My Blog Sites?

    I don`t know quality contents writing.But I know article rewriting .Can I use rewriting articles in my blog sites? Please share more.
  17. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question Does Blog Commenting Come Under Seo Techniques?

    There are several seo techniques,one of them is blog posting/submission which increases traffic with the help of good stuffed keyword in the blogs.Blog commenting is something different from blog posting. Does blog commenting come under seo technique,and why? If your answer is 'yes' then tell me...
  18. selvaa

    Tutorial How To Increase Your Blog Traffic?

    What type of content should you publish to increase your blog traffic? If you are seeing any significant increase in the blog traffic after your hard work in the content, the reason is that your content is not worth for it. You will only fail if you don't have a good content. Your...
  19. Zirkon Kalti

    Tutorial Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog

    Most people would use Google Images to find images to use with their blog posts but there are also many other sites that provide free images for use on your blog. It is very important to not take the risk of using copyright images as the photographer can sue you if they found out about it. The...
  20. selvaa

    Tutorial 12 Content Ideas For Your Business Blog

    12 Content Ideas For Your Business Blog 1. How To Guides Show people how to do small job themselves, or how to make use of your product. If you have a good idea about how to remove grout in bathroom and kitchen you can post your guide like a bathroom fitter . 2. Maintenance Advice...