1. fisker

    My 2 Cents Top Five Books On Copywriting

    It is a known concept that words can influence our thoughts, as well as our decisions and actions. They have a wonderful effect on our lives, and we can just as well accomplish anything by saying the right kind of words to the people at precisely the right time. This is the power of words, and...
  2. djweb

    My Experience Making A Living By Publishing Kindle Books

    Kindle is King Life seemed great to anyone looking in from the outside, but I always felt there was something missing. I was working full time as the network security guy and programmer at this IT giant. There was no creative outlet for my talents and frankly I was able to make a lot more as...
  3. cheezcarls

    Help Me/Question What Business Books Are You Reading For Your Business?

    Hello guys! I have a question to all of you. I know you are doing online business and I think it's going very well. But are you guys reading books that can help make your business grow? If yes, can you share what books are you reading for your business? I do have several business books...
  4. challengewriter

    Fun Don't people on here still read books?

    I noticed that the last book threads or replies are very outdated, up to 7-8 years ago that's deep, especially since the world is a mobile one now and you can get access to many books on the go, with just the click of a button and a reading application on whatever suitable gadget. I love reading...