1. Prasoon Arora

    My Suggestion The Meaning Of The Term Why, When And How For The Business Start Ups.

    Any start up have to go through with number of surveys before they come to existence. The establishment of any business start up depends on the mentioned tasks : Why there is need to establish the business, in regards to the market needs and customers satisfaction ? How the start up can...
  2. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial What Is Trade In Business

    The trade is sale,transfer or exchange of goods and services for a certain price. Such sale , transfer or exchange is made for mutual benefit of both the buyer and seller. Trade removes the hindrance of person by making a link between producers and consumers. Trade is central part of commerce...
  3. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial Professionalisation And Trusteeship In Business

    The business has been professionalized. The owner pays great attention to profiteering as all the profits go to his pockets. But salaried and qualified managers do not do so because the entire profits do not go to their pockets. The businessman should develop the thinking that whatever money and...
  4. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial Meaning Of Social Responsibility Of Business

    Social responsibility of business, mean the obligation or responsibility of business to act in such a manner as to serve the best interest of the society. It refers to the voluntary efforts of businessman for the betterment of the society. The concept of social responsibility of business is...
  5. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial Meaning And Definition Of Business Risks

    A business risk refers to the danger of loss which may arise due to certain unforeseeable, unpredicatable and unfavourable event in future.A business is full on risks and uncertainties. A businessman may have to face uncertainties right from starting his business to the end of business in some...
  6. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial Creating Markets In Business

    The aims of the business is to sell the products. Marketing consists of those efforts which bring about transfers in ownership of goods and care for their physical distribution. The businessman searches for new consumers for increasing his sales. An effort is made to retain old consumers by...
  7. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial Profit Making In Business Economic

    The main objective of business is to make profit. Profit is the basic incentive. Profits are needed to face various uncertainties like trade cycle, change in demand pattern and fluctuations in money markets. A business needs profit not only for its existence but also for expansion and...
  8. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Advantages Of Delivery Jobs

    Delivery jobs are getting very popular these days among less educated people. Different courier and goods transport companies require someone to deliver their customer’s items at different places. Few benefits of Delivery Jobs are; • It’s not compulsory for you to have a bachelor degree to do...
  9. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial Objectives Of Business

    A business is run in certain objectives. Objectives are needed in every area where performance and results directly and virtually affect the survival and prosperity of the business. The social person who acts in the society than only his activities are included in economic objectives.The...
  10. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial Meaning Of "business"

    The term business signifies the state of being busy in any activity of a man.A person may become busy in different activities as per the requirements as writing , painting, planning , reading and more because such activities may fetch money, prestige, power or any other kind of satisfaction...
  11. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Integrating Business Data

    Data integration is one of the important topics of discussion nowadays in large business industries. With the rising perceptive of how vital data is, businesses all over the globe are coming up with awesome ways to store, capture, retrieve and manage their data. Technological developments are...
  12. sunshine

    My 2 Cents Hotel Management Has A Charming Career

    Hotel management is an enormous career and ideal job for those who take pleasure in working with people from all around the world and love to meet new people. There are many opportunities and vast scope in this field. Though, it is a busy job which means that you will need to be well organized...
  13. Zirkon Kalti

    My 2 Cents Tips On How To Improve Seo Clerk Sales

    SEOClerk is a place where you can list your services for sale. Unlike Fiverr, you can set the price of your service at any price level. When you are starting out, it can be hard to get sales on SEO Clerk. Here are some ways to boost your sales at sEO clerk and get people to buy from you: Make...
  14. Zirkon Kalti

    My 2 Cents How To Create A Profitable Fiverr Gig

    If you want your Fiverr to be profitable, you should only start a gig that is easy to be completed. Each Fiverr gig costs $5 but the commission is $1 so you only earn $4. The gig should takes only 5 - 10 minutes to complete so that you can earn a decent income from it. If your gig is doing...
  15. Zirkon Kalti

    My 2 Cents Benefits Of Foursquare For Small Businesses

    If you have a shop, you should register for an account at Four Square. The advantage of Four Square is that it encourage people to share their favorite place so if people like the products your shop offer, they can share it with their friends easily from Foursquare. Foursquare has a good impact...
  16. sunshine

    My Suggestion Tips To Make Your Work Presentations To The Next Level

    Presentation and arrangement can be a challenge even for experienced executives, but for those just climbing up the profession ladder they can be the source of some serious concern. Catch your audience's attention right from the start by utilizing these useful tips. 1. Know your audience. 2...
  17. Pooja Sharma

    Which Antivirus Software Is Better?

    Hi all. I need your suggestion. I have a Sony Vaio laptop and I want to know that is it mandate to install an antivirus software? I do net surfing on it and I am concerned that should I go for paid software or the free one. What are the best paid and free antivirus software?
  18. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Importance Of Planning In Business.

    Planning is key feature in setting up a business. It constructs a rough layout of future of your business. You get know the pros and cons if you plan good by doing more research.Planning is needed in every level whether it a start up or a development. Never plan using hypothetical scenarios be...
  19. Pooja Sharma

    My Experience Choose Your Business Wisely.

    It is always a big question for those who want to go for a new start up. Never go with the trend and start something new. People will be attracted because they will get to know something new in their area. The business you start should be what you want to do rather than what others say, so that...
  20. H

    Help Me/Question Candle Stick Patterns

    What are the different types of candle sticks patterns available in stock market? How they may help to earn maximum profit from stock market?