1. fisker

    My 2 Cents One Reason To Start A Business In 2016

    As I share my experience on starting my own startup, I have come to realize that you do not need a thousand reasons to start your own business. You do not have to read about the top 10 business ideas just for you in 2016. This is stupid. You only need one idea to start a business. You need one...
  2. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Business Ideas For New Start Ups And Start Up Issues

    Today is the time for new start ups as small start ups are also at boom and growing faster.The very best startup ideas tend to have three things in common: They're something that the founders themselves want, That can be build by themselves, and That few others realize are worth doing...
  3. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Market Your Business On Twitter.

    Twitter’s unique blend of short and sweet messages breaks down networking boundaries. Use hashtags to write something as it can be highlighted more effectively as Twitter is meant to be a lively discussion. People come to Twitter to discover what’s happening in the world right now, to share...
  4. justiinn

    Help Me/Question Which Is Best Online Banking Or Offline Banking?

    I always use offline banking to take money or to deposit it on bank or to transfer cheque etc. but seems like everything is online. Is online banking good for transferring your money or to withdraw? Is it secure and does it charge you? Is it better than offline banking?
  5. fisker

    My Experience Small Business And Internet Marketing - They Told Me They Dont Need It!

    ======Based on true story======= This is for all the small business owners out there; this is a case study on whether small businesses really need internet or online marketing to grow. Most small business owners are still of the opinion that they do not need an online presence. At the most...
  6. justiinn

    My Suggestion Always Help Others When They Are Facing Tough Times In Their Business.

    Six years ago one of my friend had started her own business.In the beginning she was so happy as she has her own jewellery shop and has manage everthing without asking for money from their family and didnt take any loan. but recently when i met her she was so disheartened and when i asked her...
  7. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Business Branding And Products Promotions Raise The Revenue.

    Business branding and products promotions are both responsible for generating revenue.If any business is able to brand its products with promotional offers, customers are attracted and refer the brand to others knowing the services and support getting offered by brand with promotional schemes...
  8. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Your Primary Business Priority Should Be Your Customers

    Every business should give their priority to their customers.It is being noticed that business those who give preference to customers in compared to their revenue are more success then others.As primary priority to customers may delay your revenue but assure your success growth.Customers usage...
  9. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question Security Of Business.

    Now days security of any type business is very important part of any business. I want to share your experience. How can you protect your business And how many ways are available to protect your online or offline business. If you not serious about your company or business protection then you...
  10. steve taylor

    My Experience Business With Electrical And Electronic Products.

    In my market My uncle have a electrical and electronics Products shop. In Summer holidays i go my home town and go my uncle shop. It is run very well due to day by day new technology are invent. Now in days in my city led lighting product is very popular And it's selling rate is increasing. If...
  11. justiinn

    Help Me/Question I Need To Start My Business Offline.

    i always want to start my offline business because i dont want to work under boss. but i dont know which business shall i start so that it will grow frequently. will you guys please help me so that i can earn much...
  12. justiinn

    Help Me/Question How Can I Earn Money From Youtube?

    we know that youtube is very popular and has many viewers. Infact i rarely see any movies,songs on TV.Always use youtube for watching movies. Heard from lots of people that youtube has great scope to make your money.Thus decided to give it a shot but dont know how can i use it to make my money?
  13. selvaa

    My Experience 5 Ways To Grow Your Profits

    5 Ways to Grow Your Profits The profit of a company mainly depends on the company’s revenues and expenses. There are many formulas and theories to explain the ways of increasing the profit. But most of the fresher's and beginners do not feel good in formulas and in fact they have no...
  14. krishatg

    My Experience How To Select Right Cms For Your Small Business Website

    When you start a small business- it becomes necessary to design a website for it. Owners of such startups want to keep costs under control- as it is natural. So it is only prudent for these business owners to opt for a CMS app for website building. However, choosing the right CMS solution for...
  15. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Locate Your Business With Quality Products For Parameters According To Your Customers

    Business should focus on customers needs, what they require, what they are getting and what they want ? If these facts are turned to figure then can add success to the business. Delivering quality products that are tested, monitored, and used by experts,are one of the base factor to satisfy...
  16. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Business Should Be Established Thinking To Maintain The Long Term Relationshiop With Customers.

    If any business comes in existence and put efforts to maintain the long term relationship and provides services to reach the customer satisfaction level, business will never face any difficulties that may cause loss to revenue. If customers are satisfied with the services provided by any...
  17. steve taylor

    Help Me/Question How To Promote Transporting Business?

    If you have transporting business the how can you promote to know your transportation service everyone in a country. Suppose you have 100 or more than 100 trucks and you want to know every body about your transporting business. Transporting business is good for which People. Is any people start...
  18. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Business Should Never Be Established Considering Business As Small Or Big By Startup

    It is suggested that business should never be considered as small or big while establishing as this depends on revenue that business generates.Sometimes good revenue can results in the formation of big brand business from small scale establishment.Business scale should always be considered on...
  19. S

    My Suggestion Some Tips For Boosting Sales And Developing Business

    Do you wonder how to boost sales and increase profits efficiently? there are some way such as developing the ads, provide promotion, discount for your products,.. However, there is another way to do this and this way is very easy, effective and fast, money-saving. This way I strongly recommend...
  20. masterbusiness

    Tutorial Considering Web Hosting For Your Business

    Considering Web Hosting for Your Business Before deciding on the website, you have to locate the web hosting company. This company will be your business partner in terms of hosting your website to be smoothly up and running. Why do you need your website active 24/7? 1. Your target...