c# programming

  1. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial Features Of C# Language

    The first version of C# was developed in 2002 by microsoft. The features of C# are as follows- Object oriented language Automatic Garbage collection No global methods Interfaces support No multiple inheritances Vital part of Dot Net framework Multiple types of polymorphism C# programs needs...
  2. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial Vwhat Is C# Language

    C# is a multi purpose programming language which is suitable for a wide variety of needs required in development fields. The C# language is termed to be an object oriented language which focus and aims enabling programmers to quickly build a wide range of application for the Microsoft .NET...

    My 2 Cents Feature Of The C# Programming Language.

    These are the some basic technical feature of the C# - 1.It provide the Boolean condition . 2.It has stranded library. 3.It provide conditional compilation. 4.It support the threading and multi treading .(thread is the light weight process.) 5.It provide simple integration with windows...

    Help Me/Question What Is The Difference Between Array And Arraylist In C#?

    As we know array stores the element of similar type. Example like it stores only char type or only int type or only float type. but not mixture of them. Where as arraylist can store different element. Array is always fix in size where arraylist may be any size. It is not necessary to declare the...

    My 2 Cents How Many Type Of Comments Are There In C#?

    Comments in any programming language provide the clear understanding of the code and its meaning . A good programmer never forgot to leave the comments in the coding . C# programming language also provides the facility to leave comment in the code. These are the types of the C# comments - // -...

    Help Me/Question What Is Sealed Classes In C#?

    As we know C# is the object oriented programming language and it support all the feature of Object Oriented concept. Class is one of the main feature of Object Oriented Programming languages. With the help of inheritance we can derive the properties of the base class into child class. But in the...
  7. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Learn C# Programming

    It is always good to learn programming languages. The C# language is intended to be a simple, modern, general-purpose, object oriented programming language. It comes with more practice.C# is designed for Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), which consists of the executable code and runtime...
  8. Doominic anderson

    Help Me/Question C# Vs .net Programming

    What is the basic difference between both of the programming language C# and .Net? Which language is best in terms of providing tools and their uses by the professionals while developing software? If you have worked on both or may be knowledge of any one please share some experience which helps me.
  9. krishatg

    Help Me/Question Required Help In Downloading Files Using C#

    I am creating a small application to download some files, I just need some code help for the following things: 1. Checking the file size of remote HTTP file, it has to only download if the remote file is newer. 2. Downloading the files from web with progress bar (preferring multiple downloads...
  10. jowjow

    Tutorial Difference Of If And While Statements

    If Statements and While Statements are very different things in programming. I will try to explain it briefly below its differences. Let's start with the IF statement. An IF statement checks if the instruction or expression is true or false, then runs the code. The code will be running once...