1. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Chitika Ad Network

    Chitika is an ad network and data analytics firm that pays per click with offices in India and the U.S. The ads Chitika shows are there because of the keywords the user used in the search engine to find your website that they are search targeted. Ads from Chitika will not be displayed on the...
  2. Pooja Sharma

    My 2 Cents Earn And Build Advertising Network Online With Chitika

    If you own a blog and you too wish to earn, try Chitika and start earning. Chitika is as online advertising company based on search-targets. If some one comes on your website from search engines , and then clicks on ads that is getting displayed on your website using Chitika, you get paid...
  3. steve taylor

    My Suggestion What Is Chitika ?

    I know very well about google ad-words yahoo and some knowledge about bing. But i have no any idea about Chitika I am very excited to know about chitika . Is chitika is ad providing website . If it ad providing website please give me procedure to how we can register my website to chitika to...
  4. MyDigitalpoint

    Help Me/Question Chitika Yesterday And Today

    I remember myself back in 2005 having a personal project website, spinning around the Medieval world, which was a mix of virtual reality, online gaming and on-site fun. This was my best ever ranked site (PR5), rank that such website hold for years since before. I guess it was PR5 for around...
  5. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question How much money can you earn from displaying chitika ads?

    Chitika is one of the online ad platforms with the lowest payouts. Did anyone have experience making a decent income from Chitika? I know Chitika is a good alternative for people who don't have Adsense account.