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  1. anu_smart

    Tutorial How To Backup Wordpress

    How to Backup WordPress A WordPress website contains thousands of files and pieces of data and is the essential force for any online business or website. When problems arise, it is extremely important that you have recent backups of your WordPress site in order to quickly restore...
  2. sunshine

    My Suggestion Something Useful About Content Management System

    The perfect content management system on day one if it is not managed, adjusted, tweaked and supported will eventually lead to a site that nobody likes. Not every website needs a content management system (CMS). For those that do, keep it as simple as possible. It is tempting to go for a huge...
  3. anu_smart

    My Experience How To Optimize Wordpress For Performance

    How to Optimize WordPress for Performance WHY OPTIMIZE WORDPRESS SITE: Everyone wants a fast, snappy website providing an excellent user experience for visitors. With a few simple steps, you can configure your WordPress site to ensure it is completely optimized for performance in very...
  4. selvaa

    My Experience What Is Wordpress?

    What is WordPress? WordPress is one of the world's most popular tool used for creating and managing websites. It is a free and open source Content Management System (CMS). It initially started out as a free blogging platform based on PHP and MySQL but over time it has now taken over the...
  5. anu_smart

    My Experience How To Improve Wordpress Security

    How to Improve WordPress Security Up to date: Firstly, ensure your WordPress installation is up to date. Using the latest software ensures you have all the latest security patches and features giving you a stable and secure starting point to then expand on. This also applies to...
  6. anu_smart

    My Experience How To Install A Wordpress Theme

    How to Install a WordPress Theme Themes are an important aspect of any WordPress blog or website. They determine how your website will look to your end users and what kind of experience they will enjoy. Some themes are responsive and modern, providing a spectacular experience on all devices...