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  1. Zirkon Kalti

    My 2 Cents How To Create Custom Login Links For Your Wordpress Blog

    One way to secure your Wordpress login form is to create a custom login link because everyone already know that they can access the login form by typing in /wp-login.php. The best plugin for creating a custom login URL is the Stealth plugin. The plugin also gives you the ability to activate the...
  2. Zirkon Kalti

    My 2 Cents Benefits Of Wordpress Caching

    Caching your Wordpress blog can help you to save the resources on your server. Wordpress caching can improve your website speed and thereby increase your search engine ranking. People who host their blogs on shared servers should implement Wordpress caching. The best caching plugin is the W3...
  3. PrashantD

    My 2 Cents Common Joomla Mistakes To Avoid

    There are thousands of CMS developers and website owners who swear by the usefulness and versatility of Joomla. Over the last few years, it has emerged as a nuch sought after CMS app. However, like other CMS apps, Joomla’s efficacy depends on the way you use it! It has a somewhat steep learning...
  4. PrashantD

    My 2 Cents Top Measures To Optimize Websites Made In Drupal

    Drupal is one of the most widely used CMS apps worldwide but it has often been criticized for being slow. It is what most bloggers would say and some developers and site owners also echo the view. But is Drupal actually that slow? Truth is it is not sluggish by default and the outcome depends on...
  5. Manish Mishra

    My Experience How To Remove The Footer Links From A Wordpress Theme?

    It really had me troubled a lot until I learn how I can really remove these annoying unwanted outgoing links from my websites. The concept is very simple. The main problem is these codes are encrypted if we open footer.php and we are unable to change. But with below tutorial I will let it be...
  6. Zirkon Kalti

    My 2 Cents How To Speed Up Your Wordpress Blog's Performance

    You can speed up your WordPress blog by using the content delivery network (CDN). CDN will clone your site on their location node so that whenever a user request for your site, it will be retrieved from the nearest server location instead of the main data center. Besides, you can optimize your...
  7. PrashantD

    My Suggestion Why To Use A Third Party Platform For Displaying Videos On Wordpress

    Web design has changed significantly over the years and it has become flexible and innovative than ever before. With new era web design platforms and apps having myriads of options to use diverse content, designers often feel tempted to go overboard. But this can actually prove to be detrimental...
  8. fisker

    Tutorial Learn To Display Wordpress Posts On A Single Page

    Continuing my wordpress thing, I thought I will write up another one that is also good for your readers as well as SEO. With this article, I am going to walk you through exactly how you can do this without the need for pagination. Why would you want this? WordPress has a built-in archive...
  9. fisker

    Tutorial What Is Ssl And How To Get One For Free For Wordpress – Part 2

    As we discussed in our last post about the basics of SSL and why we need one, in this post I will cover how you can get an SSL for your wordpress powered site without having to pay an annual fee. Lets Encrypt is a free service that is sponsored by the likes of Facebook, Cisco, Mozilla, Shopify...
  10. fisker

    Tutorial What Is Ssl And How To Get One For Free For Wordpress – Part 1

    I love wordpress to death. It's free and you can do anything with it. I mean you can even build an eCommerce website with it. One day you will be able to serve with wordpress. So I was developing this wordpress site my client when he asked me to install an SSL certificate, to which I replied...
  11. masterbusiness

    Tutorial Why Wordpress Is More User-friendly Than Drupal

    Why WordPress is More User-Friendly Than Drupal The majority of the people who need websites do not possess an advanced education in programming, web development or web design. They are probably small business people, bloggers or professionals in other fields other than anything related to...
  12. selvaa

    My Suggestion 10 Reasons To Keep Blogging In 2016

    10 reasons to keep blogging in 2016 The new resume which identifies you in this era is a blog. So if you are having a blog the person hiring you will surf your blog. So it display all about you in your blog. So the blog itself will serve as a work portfolio. Given below are 10 reasons why you...
  13. Prasoon Arora

    My 2 Cents Content Management System Features

    A content management system is a system used to manage the content of a website. Typically, a CMS consists of two elements: the content management application (CMA) and the content delivery application (CDA). The CMA element allows the content manager or author, who may not know Hypertext Markup...
  14. Zirkon Kalti

    Help Me/Question How To Make A Wordpress Blog Secure From Hackers Attacks

    I have had a lot of encounters where the hackers hack my blog so I would like to know what can I do to prevent them from hacking into my blog. I don't know how they find out about my WordPress blog passwords or cPanel passwords but they just managed to hack it.
  15. Soumya Bhattacharyya

    My Suggestion 5 Plugins You Must Have For Seo In Wordpress

    We all know how Wordpress has enriched our lives. Among other things, what makes Wordpress more popular and useful are the plugins that they provide. Plugins are nothing but small programs, which provide unique functionalities that help enhance the overall usefulness of Wordpress. It’s not that...
  16. Pooja Sharma

    Tutorial Manage Multiple Wordpress Website As Your Homepage.

    There are some people who prefer changes and for the same purpose they have one or more blogs with one domain name. In order to manage multiple blogs with Web hosting services, one have to install the worpdress files in root directory using file manager. After the folders are being uploaded...
  17. Soumya Bhattacharyya

    My Suggestion Top 5 Blogging Platforms After Wordpress

    There have been a lot of hue and cry in recent times that blogging is slowly going out of fashion. However, despite this, there is never a dearth of people who are looking to start their own blog or shift to an enhanced platform than the one they use. The most common and popular blogging...
  18. selvaa

    Tutorial 9 Settings & Features Of Wordpress

    9 WordPress Settings & Features that you should know Wordpress is a jungle. When I first started to write posts of wordpress I thought of writing post and linking each other in my blog. It was rather difficult to write a post on wordpress as it had many tiny things surrounding a single...
  19. suzzi winget

    Help Me/Question Is Drupal Best Than Wordpress?

    i know WordPress is one of the best and popular content management system(cms) for creating website. but is drupal also best for bloggers and developing website? is drupal open source system where we dont need to pay?
  20. Zirkon Kalti

    Tutorial 8 Benefits Of Using Wordpress As Your Blogging Platform

    WordPress has been offered as a free blogging platform since it was launched in 2003. It ranks as the most preferred choice of CMS in the world. WordPress accounts for more than 50% of installed blogging CMS when compared to other blogging platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, DotNetNuke...